Society Diary: Penguin pebbles, Mr Darcy’s shirt and a Meta meltdown

08 Mar 2024 Voices

Civil Society’s light-hearted columnist summarises the big stories from charity land this week... 

Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Happy Friday, dearest reader. This columnist hopes you had a better week than Anne, a 72-year-old cleaner who went viral this week for being hoisted into the air by some shop shutters. 

This week also marked the launch of Count Binface’s party political broadcast, which may benefit one charity. 

The politician formerly known as Lord Buckethead is fundraising for his deposit fee but has pledged that any excess will be withdrawn and donated to homelessness charity Shelter.

“My campaign is non-profit and aims to raise awareness of homelessness,” said an uncharacteristically sincere Count Binface, who hopes to make 2024 the year of Bindependence. 

Charities get creative as Facebook goes down

This week, Meta went down, much to the dismay of many social media managers. Instagram and Facebook were inaccessible for the longest time period since 2019. 

Luckily, animal charity Battersea kept itself entertained by posing animals next to pieces of technology looking dumbfounded. 

Naturally, X – formerly Twitter – was overjoyed by this development, and quickly forgot anything was wrong. 

Mr Darcy’s shirt auctioned for charity

Colin Firth’s famous Mr Darcy shirt from the BBC’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice was sold for £25,000 this week, with all proceeds going to arts education charity the Bright Foundation. 

One of Diary’s colleagues heard the announcement on the radio, where the designer began describing Mr Firth’s anatomy so avidly that she was hastily cut off by the producers. The words “handsome” and “bulge” featured. 

Funnily enough, the same thing happened when Diary began divulging the specifics of the wet-shirt scene to the rest of the editorial team.

But how else does one get through the spring budget? 

The famous wet shirt – now dry – was one of 69 costumes from film and TV that were sold for the arts charity.

Kerry Taylor Auctions, which hosted the sale, said the top price of the auction was £40,000 for the Christian Dior gown worn by Madonna in the film Evita. 

This was followed by £24,000 for Johnny Depp’s black police uniform from Sleepy Hollow. 

Children paint pretty pebbles for penguins

Children supported by Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity were given the chance to paint pebbles for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s penguins this week. 

The rocky display is to mark the start of the animals’ breeding season. While one bird seemed very happy to peck at the pebbly creations, another looked down at them with the worried stare of a new father. 

penguin looks down at pebbles.jpg
© Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
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