Society Diary: But why aren’t there more poems about charity law?

04 Oct 2019 Voices

What a week! Diary can hardly believe that it’s Friday already, but also Monday feels like a lifetime ago. 

Anyway onwards, forwards and definitely not backwards. We look at a positive impact of the interminable Brexit discussions on the sector, and try our hand at poetry. 

An accessory to fundraising 

After Lady Hale’s choice of brooch captured the imagination of those on all sides of the Brexit debate last week, T-shirts imprinted with her infamous spider accessory began selling online.

It seems Hale’s long history of brooch-based political symbolism has won the hearts of many - most recently when she delivered her ruling that the suspension of Parliament was unlawful. Indeed, the brooch-inspired spider T-shirt sold out in less than 24 hours. The T-shirts were being sold at ten pounds a pop.

Here comes the charity angle - the clothing company which designed the shirt has said 30 per cent of the sale of the T-shirt is to go towards Shelter, a homelessness charity. 

Hale’s non-verbal activism inundated social media with brooch-based memes and overly sincere think pieces, at the same time raising a projected £15,000 for Shelter.

At the moment, the only brooch-inspired top raising money for Shelter features this bejewelled spider. But for the anachrophobes among you, we might be inspired by the fact Lady Hale has also rocked butterfly, caterpillar and frog brooches, in her long career as the Supreme Court’s most fashion-forward fundraiser.

Wherefore art thou Diary? 

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, so Diary searched high and low for some verses about charity regulation.

Unfortunately, we discovered that this area had been neglected by the world’s leading poets, so we decided to rectify that with our own effort.

There once was a chair of a regulator 
Who for some was like an alligator 
With her criticism and concern 
That the sector would not learn
From scandal, after scandal, after scandal 
That the way to win hearts, and minds
Is to invest effort and time 
To show charities are really better than the rest

‘But we have reports and guides and data’ 
Cried the umbrella sector 
And codes of conduct a plenty 
Do you think that these promises are empty? 
Because scandal, follows scandal, follows scandal 
In spite of meetings and papers 
And well-meaning capers 
To show that charities really are better than the rest


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