How charities are responding to the heatwave

19 Jul 2022 Voices

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As the UK experiences some of the hottest days on record this week, charities have published advice on how to keep safe during the heat and information about climate change. 

The Met Office has issued amber and red alerts weather warnings to demonstrate its severity. Trains have been cancelled because of the heat, and most people have been advised to work from home if they can. 

We took a look at what charities have been saying about the high temperatures on Twitter. 

WaterAid UK

WaterAid UK explained how the extreme temperatures are due to the climate crisis. 

The charity tweeted: "It's clear that the #ClimateCrisis is here and is on our doorstep. Parts of the world are already suffering a lot more. World leaders must act, so people can adapt. #Heatwave2022"


Christian Aid

In a similar vein, Christian Aid tweeted about its new report, Scorched Earth, which explains how the climate crisis is increasing the severity of drought across the world. 


Age UK

Age UK has issued some tips for how older people can stay cool in the extreme weather. These include staying hydrated and keeping windows and blinds closed indoors when it is cooler inside than outside. The charity also advised people to check how they should store their medications, as most should be kept below 25 degrees Celsius. 


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has advised people to wear sun cream to prevent skin cancer. 


Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness said extreme heat can negatively affect people's mental health, so issued some tips on how to deal with the heatwave. One of these is to fill up a hot water bottle with icy water. 


Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust took the opportunity to advise dog owners to walk their dogs either early in the morning or late at night when the weather is at its coolest. 


Battersea advised cat owners to check underneath their cars before driving off, as cats often like to nap in the shade during hot weather. They also issued advice for dog owners, and said a good way to keep furry friends cool is by giving them frozen treats. 

The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross shared a helpful infographic on Twitter that showed signs of heatstroke in dogs, so owners can be aware of them. 


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