Some of the best Ramadan 2019 fundraising appeals

09 May 2019 Voices

Priya Kantari picks out some of this year's Ramadan fundraising appeals.

The month of Ramadan has begun, considered a blessed month in Islam for charitable giving as well as fasting.

Those with Muslim faith are expected to pay Zakat, 2.5 per cent on your assets not including your home, minus liabilities over a threshold, nisab, to a defined set of people in need.

Sadaqh, voluntary charity, Fidya for missing fasts in Ramadan and Kaffarah, a penalty fee are also paid during the month by observant Muslims.

Islamic Relief 

Islamic Relief's Ramadan appeal features ads on buses, bus shelters, tubes and billboards around the country asking the public “Can you be 5:32?”

This refers to verse 5:32 of the Qur’an that says, "Whoever saved a life, it would be as if they saved the life of all mankind." 

Islamic Relief is asking people to be inspired by the verse in order to help save lives around the world. 

It has secured match funding from the UK government of up to £2m.

Islamic Aid

Islamic Aid's Ramadan appeal distributes food packs to families in Africa and Asia, which are locally sourced and can feed a family for a month.

Its website provides a Zakat calculator to help work out required contributions from individuals.

Orphans in Need

Orphans in Need’s Ramadan Appeal 2019 continues its support for 20,000 orphans across the world, through sponsorship of a child or donations for orphans' care.

The charity provides iftar, the evening meal which Muslims end fast with each day of Ramadan and suhoor, eaten at the beginning of each day of fast in food parcels.


Unicef’s Ramadan appeal supports children in Yemen who face famine and civil war.

It suggests Zakat of £28, which pays for food, vaccines, water, educational materials and hygiene support; £158 for emergency food - therapeutic milk and high energy peanut paste; and £1124, which can build a health centre tent for school and psycho-social and medical support.

Human Appeal

Human Appeal’s Ramadan Let’s Be One campaign calls for Zakat and Sadaqh from £7 toward its Feed the Fasting fund.

This week on its Ramadan TV live campaigns, Human Appeal called for donations to emergency food for people in Yemen, Syria and Somalia.

Next week it is running a donation-matched appeal for education provision to Syrian children in Turkey.

Muslim Hands

The Give More, Gain More appeal asks for orphan sponsorship for £29.50; giving iftar for £30, providing a tube well for £190; or giving Zakat.

Muslim Hands also has a lighting fund for Masjid Al-Aqsa, an important mosque in the old city of Jerusalem, managed by a Jordanian authority.


Later this year Civil Society Media will host a new event, Faith Charities Forum. Find out more and register your interest on the event page.


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