Facebook announces it will scrap fees for digital fundraising

30 Nov 2017 News

Facebook has launched its Personal Fundraising platform in the UK and said that it will be “eliminating all Facebook fees on donations made to non-profits” on its website.

The announcement was made at the company’s second annual Social Good Forum yesterday, with Facebook saying it would be eliminating “non-profit fees” on “all donations made to non-profits from fundraisers, as well as donate buttons on non-profit Facebook pages, posts, and in Live videos”.

Of its Personal Fundraisers tool, the company said: “Personal Fundraisers on Facebook will make it simple for people to connect with their community and raise money for the people and things they care about.

“People can now create a fundraiser on Facebook and easily reach their friends in a few taps with the relevant information.” 

Facebook also announced what it called ‘Fundraisers API’ which “allows people to sync their off-Facebook fundraising efforts to Facebook fundraisers”. This platform is currently in beta, but Facebook said it had seen “many impactful stories” and will be rolling it out to 500 additional charities “by the end of spring 2018”.

The social media company said it has now fully rolled-out charitable giving tools in 16 countries across the world, including in the UK, the United States, Ireland as well as across Europe.

These “non-profit fundraising tools” include donate buttons and dedicated fundraising Facebook pages and allow “people to raise money for themselves, a friend or something or someone not on Facebook”.

Facebook recently announced that it would be matchfunding up to £200,000 worth of donations made on its platforms for last Tuesday’s #givingtuesday. 


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