Younger donors are ‘savvier and more generous’, says regulators’ poll

18 Dec 2017 News

Younger people plan to give slightly more than older people to charity over Christmas and are also more likely to research a charity before giving, according to a survey carried out by the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator.

Those aged 18-24 said they planned to give an average of £31.29 over the festive period compared with older people who plan to give slightly less. 

People aged 45-54 planned to be the least generous, saying they would give £28.55. People in other age brackets said they would give around £29. 

Some 44 per cent of people aged 18-24 said they would be prepared to give up their smartphones for December to raise £500 for a charity of their choice, but just one third of older people felt the same. 

But younger people were more likely to carry out checks on a charity before giving to them, with over half saying they would carry out checks, such as an online search, before giving. Just 29 per cent of over 75s said that they would carry out checks before giving. 

Helen Stephenson, chief executive of the Charity Commission, said: "This research shows that Christmas remains a time of generous charitable giving, and that is to be celebrated. I’m particularly pleased that young people give generously, but also that they are more likely to make basic checks before giving to their chosen charity than people from their parents’ generation.

"This hints at a welcome shift in the public’s relationship with charities and shows why charities should be open and transparent about the way they are run and how they spend their money. By doing so they can encourage donors’ trust and generosity."

A survey of 2,000, weighted to reflect the population, was carried out by ICM Unlimited in November. 

The poll also found that 28 per cent of people would use the Fundraising Preference Service if they wanted to stop hearing from a charity. 

Safer giving tips

Both regulators urged members of the public to follow their safer giving tips during the festive period. 

Safer giving street donation tips
1.    Check the charity has a charity registration number and verify this on the Charity Commission’s online register.
2.    Ask to see the collector’s ID badge.
3.    Check the collector has a licence to fundraise with the local authority or has the consent of the private site owner.
4.    Check that the charity follows the Fundraising Regulator’s guidance and Code of Fundraising Practice.
5.    Ensure the collection device is sealed and fundraising materials are in a good condition.

Safer giving online donation tips
1.    Check the charity has a charity registration number and verify this on the Charity Commission’s online register.
2.    Be wary of unsolicited emails from charities you have never heard of or have no association with.
3.    Don’t click on links in emails. Instead search online for your chosen charity to check you have the right web address and donate directly to them.
4.    Check there is a padlock symbol in the URL bar and that the web address starts with ‘https’.
5.    Ensure the charity is genuine before divulging any financial information and never share your pin number.


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