Women in fundraising get paid 17 per cent less than men, according to survey

26 Jun 2018 News

A survey of fundraisers by charity recruitment consultancy firm Robertson Bell found that the women it surveyed get paid on average 16.7 per cent less than their male colleagues. 

The survey, compiled from data given by over 1,000 participants who were registered with the agency, found that the average salary for men working in fundraising was £54,811 while for women it was £45,664, a difference of over £9,000. This compares unfavourably to figures from the overall charity sector, which show that the pay gap was around 8 per cent in favour of men

This comes in spite of the fact that, in terms of survey respondents at least, women outnumbered men by a ratio of seven to three. The survey showed that females outnumbered men at almost every level of the job market, other than as directors where 51 per cent of respondents were male, compared to 49 per cent female. 

“While it’s encouraging to see women holding the senior positions, the disparity in pay is evident,” said the report. “Particularly at director level where males earn on average 11 per cent more”. 

The figures were taken from January 2017 to January 2018. 

Salaries increased overall

The survey found that fundraising salaries have increased by an average of 2.6 per cent since 2017, with the biggest increase “being at the junior levels” of the fundraising market. 

Assistant/co-ordinator fundraising roles saw an average salary increase of 4 per cent in the last year, up to £24,968 from £23,969. By comparison, director of fundraising roles salaries increased by 1 per cent over the year, up to £64,577 from £63,855.

The survey also found that, of all the fundraising disciplines, major donor fundraisers were the best paid. The average salary of major donor fundraisers was £48,392, with trusts and foundations fundraisers being the second best remunerated with an average salary in excess of £40,000. Community fundraisers were on average the worst paid fundraisers, with an average salary of £39,950. 

The survey found that 34 per cent of respondents were satisfied with their current salaries, while 32 per cent were dissatisfied. A further 16 per cent were very satisfied, while 17 per cent were indifferent. 

Almost half looking for new job in next six months

The survey also found that 45 per cent of fundraisers are “planning a move in the next six months”. 

Over 55 per cent of those respondents said that a desire to earn more money was “the biggest motivator for moving”, while a further 43 per cent said they would move for a promotion. 

The number of fundraisers being “open to new opportunities” was even higher, with over 70 per cent of respondents being willing to “move for the right reasons”. 

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