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Sector launches social media campaign asking charities to celebrate supporters 

25 Oct 2018 News

Charity umbrella bodies have launched a social media campaign urging charities to share bitesize snippets highlighting the difference they have made and thank supporters for making it happen.  

NCVO, CharityComms, Small Charities Coalition, FSI, the Institute of Fundrasing and Acevo are urging charities to use the hastag #YouMadeItHappen on 19 November to thank supporters and raise awareness of the impact charities make.

In an email to members, Aidan Warner, senior external relations officer at NCVO, said: “We know thousands of charities around the country make a real difference every day. And we know that between us the impact we have on the country and the world is massive.
“We want to remind people of everything that’s great about charities, and show them we’re very grateful for their support.”

Suggested examples are: 


  • This year, we helped over 300 homeless people in Manchester find permanent accommodation. We couldn't have done it without your support #YouMadeItHappen
  • Thanks to your support, we re-planted 200 acres of forest last year #YouMadeItHappen 
  • Eve’s village now has access to safe drinking water because of your donations #YouMadeItHappen

NCVO sees membership rise to nearly 14,000

NCVO has grown its membership by 6 per cent to 13,479 last year, its recently published accounts show.

Since filing its accounts membership has risen to 13,900 and last week NCVO announced that through a new strategic partnership with the Foundation for Social Improvement 500 charities would be eligible for free membership. 

Some 94 per cent of its members renewed their membership. Membership accounted for £1m of its income, in line with last year 

Its income for 2017/18 increased by 2.4 per cent to £8.48m, having fallen last year when its remaining government contracts came to an end. 

NCVO earned nearly £3m from trading activity, £1.77 from donations and legacies, £1m from advisory and information services and £936,000 from education and training. 

NCVO used its reserves to invest in digital products and services. 

“We continued to invest significantly in our operational systems, the behind-the-scenes technology that means we can serve our members more quickly and efficiently and ensure we are understanding their needs," the charity said in a statement. "We are now increasingly using webinars, podcasts and social media to engage with members and stakeholders more broadly and working with a much greater number of organisations as a result."

Spending was £8.3m. Staff costs were £5m, in line with the previous year. It had 92 full-time equivalent employees last year, down slightly on 95 the previous year. Four members of staff earned more than £60,000. 


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