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Secret Santa charity changes name as it operates all year round

09 May 2019 News

A charity that distributes gifts and emergency packages to vulnerable people in Oxfordshire has changed its name from Secret Santa to Secret Santa 365, to make it clear that it operates all year.

It has also updated its branding and logo. 

Courtney Hughes, founder, said the charity rebranded due to the charity’s growth. While, when founded in 2012, it distributed gifts to a local hospital over the festive period.

It now organises care packages all year and has given 50,000 gifts since it launched. She said the change “reflects that we help 365 days a year, not just limited to the festive period.”

As well as the new name and logo, the charity is expanding its social media presence and has also created a new website.

The rebrand was overseen by Hughes, and was sponsored by an independent company. It has taken 12 months to develop.

Speaking about the future development of the rebrand, Hughes said: “As the rebrand isn't directly affecting the day-to-day running of the charity, it's going to be a gradual transition, the rebrand is more a visual one with more social media presence to relate to the growth, rather than a complete change of direction.”

Secret Santa 365 has an annual income of below £5,000. 


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