RSPCA sees fall in income after drop in legacies

26 Jun 2018 News

The RSPCA’s income fell slightly from £143.5m to £140.9m, due to a slight drop in legacies and donations, according to its most recent accounts.

Legacy income fell from £78.6m to £77.1m, although it remained roughly 55 per cent of the charity’s total income.

Donations fell from £42.7m to £41.9m – roughly 30 per cent of the charity’s income.

The drop is the first in several years, despite criticism over its prosecution policy, its data protection, and its governance.

Charity holds £240m on the balance sheet

The accounts also show that the RSPCA is holding more than £240m in funds, including an £86m free reserve.

Fund balances carried forward were £240.1m, an increase of almost £25m on the start of the year. This means the charity has 20 months’ income on the balance sheet, and seven months of reserves.

The balance sheet position improved because the charity spent £11.5m less than it received, gained £6.7m on investments, and saw its pension position improve by £6.5m.

Funds on the balance sheet include £72.4m in tangible fixed assets, £9.9m in endowment funds, £39m in designated funds, £31.7m in restricted reserves, and a £112.4m general fund.

The charity also has a £46.3m pension deficit.

Other key facts

•    The charity received 411 complaints about its fundraising, down from 503 the previous year.
•    The charity paid out £493,000 in redundancies, up from £95,000 the previous year.
•    The highest paid individual earned between £190,000 and £200,000 for the year.


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