Regulation update: Latest on inquires and other news from the UK's charity watchdogs

24 Feb 2020 News

Catch up on the latest announcements, new guidance and developments from the UK’s charity regulators.

Charity Commission for England and Wales 

Charities being investigated 

Redeemed Christian Church of God

The charity has been removed from the register of charities after a statutory inquiry

The regulator engaged with the charity because of a failure to file accounts. It discovered that the charity had no trustees and was being run by an administrator. 

The inquiry found that £50,000 had been paid by the administrator to a pastor of the charity, even though the administrator was not registered as a trustee. Inadequate financial controls had also failed to ensure the funds paid to the pastor were spent on the purposes of the charity, and the pastor could only show that £35,000 had been spent on the charity’s objects. A repayment agreement has since been drawn up between the pastor and the administrator to cover the amount owed in full.

The Everlasting Arms Ministries 

The Charity Commission has opened an investigation into Everlasting Arms Ministries over concerns about financial management. 

It said it was specifically concerned about the sale of a property in South London. 

OSCR, the Scottish Charity Regulator

Interim inquiry report: Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Community Project Limited 

OSCR has appointed an interim judicial factor to manage Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Community Project Limited. It was notified that the only active charity trustee of the charity had resigned. 

The inquiry was opened in 2018 after concerns were reported to OSCR about how conflicts of interest were being managed.

OSCR said: “As a result of our inquiry it appears that there has been misconduct in the administration of the charity and that it is necessary to act for the purposes of protecting the property of the charity.” 

Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI) 

Inquiry into Woodvale & Shankill Community Housing Association Ltd

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has opened of a statutory inquiry into the registered charity, Woodvale & Shankill Community Housing Association Ltd. 

The inquiry relates to concerns regarding the administration and financial controls of the charity.

Fundraising Regulator 

Independent review 

The Fundraising Regulator was “unfair” when investigating a complaint against Against Breast Cancer (ABC), an independent review has found. The review "partially upheld" the charity’s complaint against the regulator. As a consequence, the regulator revised the original investigation and partly changed its final decision. Both the review’s findings and an update to the original investigation were published on the regulator’s website. 

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Charities Statement of Recommended Practice 

Ten men and four women have been appointed to the committee that advises regulators on the rules for how charities across the UK and Ireland report their finances. 

The Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) is the set of rules which governs accounting for charitable companies and charities with an income over £250,000. The Charities SORP Committee identifies potential changes and advises the charity regulators, which set the rules. 

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One of the new committee members, Max Rutherford from the Association of Charitable Foundations, has also written an article about the new committee.

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