Paul Hamlyn Foundation publishes grantmaking review

28 Sep 2018 News

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation has published its annual review of grantmaking, analysing the 450 grants from the last three years. 

PHF said the review provides evidence of the importance of long-term and core funding for grantees. It also found that there had been an increase in partnerships and co-production. 

This is second year that the foundation has published the findings of its review, as part of a commitment to greater transparency. 

Tom Wylie, trustee and chair of PHF’s evidence and learning advisory group, said: “The 2018 report provides valuable insight into work within those different sectors and I hope also starts to help others understand the complex societal landscape that many of our grantees and the people they support are navigating.” 

Jane Steele, director of evidence and learning, added: “Analysis guides us to where we can do better, differently or sustain activity to have the maximum impact in the areas that we support. We also know this is valuable insight for those working with us, applying to us and investing in similar areas of social justice. So we hope that this review of our grant-making helps others, in particular those we support and partner with.”


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