Oxfam surveys supporters on 10-year strategy

15 Jul 2019 News

Oxfam is surveying supporters and other stakeholders to help it come up with its next 10-year strategy.

The charity’s current strategy runs until 2020 and the new plan will set out a vision for 2030, which the charity hopes to finalise by next spring.

In recent weeks Oxfam has emailed supporters, asking them to complete a survey outlining their views on what the charity’s priorities should be for the next 10 years.

The survey asks supporters whether Oxfam’s campaigning, development programmes or humanitarian work should be prioritised.

It asks supporters which issues are most important for the charity to tackle over the next decade, with suggested options including violence against women and girls, poverty in the UK and the impact of climate change on poor people.

The survey also asks whether there is anything Oxfam should do more of or stop doing.

Online forum

Following on from this survey, Oxfam will create an online research forum for its UK supporters to share opinions on the charity’s activities.

It said this forum could be used to help the charity to develop its next campaigns, fundraising events and apps.

A spokesperson for the charity said the consultation was part of “a process that the Oxfam confederation undertakes every decade”.

They said: “The world we live in is rapidly changing and it is vital that we adapt and are ready for the challenges if we are to achieve our mission to prevent and relieve poverty and injustice.

“A key part is considering external perspectives and learning and building on what others are already doing in the UK and around the world.

“Our current strategy takes us to 2020 and we aim to have our new strategic plan finalised by next spring.”

Move back delayed

Meanwhile, Oxfam has confirmed that its temporary relocation away from its Oxford headquarters took longer than expected.

In February, the charity’s headquarters were forced to close due to a burst water pipe.

This meant the charity’s 800 staff based at its headquarters had to work in temporary office space nearby or work from home.

The charity initially expected staff to be able to resume working in the headquarters by mid-March but the charity has now confirmed that staff only moved back on the week beginning 3 June.

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