New project on UK grantmaking landscape to launch

08 Dec 2023 News

By tashatuvango, Adobe

360Giving is set to launch a project to develop a new platform that will bring together data on the landscape of grantmaking in the UK. 

UK will be launched in response to the needs of funders, stakeholders, data users and partners. 

It will be a centralised repository that provides a comprehensive overview and understanding of grantmaking in the UK, according to 360Giving.

“There is currently no unified platform that consolidates data from grantmaking organisations across sectors,” 360Giving said.

It hopes the project will fill this gap by offering an interactive platform that showcases data, trends and insights on UK grantmaking. 

It is aiming to launch in June 2024 with 2022-23 grantmaking data and be updated annually.

The new platform will allow funders, sector bodies, policymakers, researchers, fundraisers and sector media to access, explore and download data and insights about UK grantmaking. 

To be included in the analysis, 360Giving publishers should ensure their data for April 2022 to March 2023 is published or updated by mid-March 2024. 

The Pears Foundation has pledged to sponsor the project for the next three years, but 360Giving is looking for more sponsors to join them. 

The project is a collaboration between 360Giving, the Association of Charitable Foundations, Association of Charitable Organisations, UK Community Foundations, London Funders and more. 

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