Nearly 40 per cent of charities to review CRM systems ahead of GDPR, survey finds

09 May 2017 News

Almost 40 per cent of charities are considering reviewing their current CRM system with the launch of the FPS this summer and GDPR in May 2018, according to research published today by Fundraising Magazine.

According to data released today as part of Fundraising Magazine’s 2017 CRM survey, 38 per cent of the survey’s 476 respondents said they were planning on reviewing their customer relationship management system in the next 12 months.

One of the reasons given for this was that one fifth of charity respondents said they were “not at all”, or only “a little bit” confident that their existing CRM system would allow them to be complaint with the Fundraising Preference Service, which is set to be launched by the Fundraising Regulator in the summer.

GDPR to be more significant than FPS for charities, says data experts

Rob Gethen Smith, director of customer engagement at Blackbaud Europe, told Fundraising Magazine that EU General Data Protection Regulation, set to come into force in the UK from May 2018, would far outweigh the FPS in significance for fundraising charities.

“The FPS is a new channel for the public to communicate with charities and our role is to help the flow of information from FPS into their database and make it as easy as possible. GDPR however will demand a higher level of granularity and auditability”.  

Ivan Wainewright, an independent CRM consultant, said that GDPR “will force charities to record compliance at a granular level, and systems will therefore need to be able to manage that”.

The full results of the survey can be read here by Fundraising Magazine subscribers.

Fundraising Magazine and Charity Finance magazine are currently conducting a Charity GDPR survey, which will close on 23 May. Those keen to take part in the survey can do so here.


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