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Lloyds Bank Foundation releases film to celebrate 'unsung heroes'

17 May 2019 News

A film about small charities has been released by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales to celebrate “unsung heroes” in the sector.

The film, entitled “what happens then?” highlights the foundation’s partnership with small charities, aims to show the work of small charities in creating a social impact, and argues that they have a big impact.

It says: “Though these charities are small in size, the impact they have is big.”

“They are under pressure, under-funded, unsung heroes, who go above and beyond to get people back on their feet,” it adds.

The film features staff working in three of the some 700 charities that the foundation supports, St Anne’s Hostel, The Lyme Trust and South London Refugee Association.

Paul Streets, chief executive at Lloyds Bank Foundation said:  “Too often promotional materials and films focus on wowing people with lots of facts and statistics. We wanted to lead with the people and causes we’re driven by; those are the people facing some of the most complex social issues of our time. And we know people in these circumstances want the safe space and friendly face that a small, locally rooted charity provides.

“Our new film seeks to showcase these life-affirming relationships between people and charities and the partnerships we seek to build between charities and ourselves. With charities facing ever tougher times, it’s our job as a Foundation to help them, through providing funding, support to develop and seeking to influence public policy. This is their story – and so it's our story too.”

The film was created in partnership with creative agency, Nice & Serious. 

It will be shown on Lloyds website, social media and at their external and internal events.




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