IoF reveals the most and least generous parts of Britain

27 Sep 2017 News

The South West of England has topped a list of most-generous regions in Great Britain, with London coming bottom, according to new figures released by the Institute of Fundraising.   

Eleven separate factsheets looking at motivations and experience of giving in different regions were published by the IoF yesterday. It draws on data collected by a YouGov survey earlier this year. 

The South West tops the table, with 69 per cent of respondents from the region saying that they had given money to charity in the previous three months. The national average was 61 per cent. 

Paul Courtney, chair of IoF South West, said: “Working with charities across the South West for many years, these figures confirm what we have always believed - the people of the West Country are wonderfully generous folk.”

Scotland was the second most generous region, with 68 per cent giving during the period, followed by the North West and South East in joint third place. 

Most generous regions: 

1. South West – 69 per cent

2. Scotland - 68 per cent

3. North West - 64 per cent

3. South East - 64 per cent

5. Northern Ireland - 63 per cent

6. East of England - 62 per cent

6. East Midlands - 62 per cent

6. Wales - 62 per cent

6. Yorkshire and the Humber - 62 per cent

9. West Midlands - 57 per cent

10. North East - 56 per cent

11. London - 49 per cent


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