Lord Grade agrees to more ‘positive messaging’ about fundraising, says IoF

27 Jul 2017 News

Amanda Bringans, chair of the Institute of Fundraising

The new chair of the Institute of Fundraising has said that Lord Grade, chair of the Fundraising Regulator, has committed to being more positive about fundraising when speaking publicly.

In a blog published on the IoF website yesterday, Amanda Bringans, the new chair of the IoF, said she asked Lord Grade, chair of the Fundraising Regulator to be more positive when speaking in public about the fundraising profession, and that Lord Grade had agreed.

“I outlined some of the great work in the sector, and Lord Grade was quick to respond with genuine praise for the vast majority of fundraisers, who he said, are doing great work and absolutely deserve recognition for it,” Bringans wrote. “I asked him for more of this positive messaging in public forums to support us all, and he agreed."

Grade has come under fire from some elements of the sector for some of his comments on fundraising and fundraisers in the past. As recently as last month, Grade gave an interview to The Times in which he described fundraisers and third party fundraising agencies as “rogues and cowboys”.

In the same interview, he also accused fundraisers of harassing people and described some fundraising techniques as "horrible" and said that fundraisers should "go away".

Regulator frustrated by 250 charities

Bringans also called for more engagement from the 250 charities which have not yet engaged with the regulator.

She encouraged all those yet to contribute or even speak to the regulator about the levy, to “let them know” as “they genuinely want to hear the reasons why so they can address it.” She also reiterated that the IoF had offered to help the Fundraising Regulator to encourage its members to sign up.

“We have offered to help in whatever way we can to encourage people to sign up through our network and our regular events, and perhaps by holding joint events to discuss issues.”

The Fundraising Regulator announced yesterday that it would be publishing a list of all charities which had yet to contribute to its levy on fundraising expenditure.

In its statement, the regulator said the decision to do so had been made by its board, which “concluded that it would be in the interests of transparency and fairness, particularly to those who have paid”. 

The regulator expects to publish its list by the end of August. 


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