Fundraising Regulator to reveal charities which have not paid levy

27 Jul 2017 News

The Fundraising Regulator has announced that it will be publishing a full list of the charities which have been asked to contribute to its fundraising levy, and will indicate which have not paid at the end of August.

The announcement, made by the Fundraising Regulator yesterday, said the watchdog would be publishing “the full list of those charities within the scope of the fundraising levy, distinguishing those that have paid and those that have not paid” by the end of August.

The regulator said the decision to publish the names of those charities yet to contribute to the levy was made by its board which “concluded that it would be in the interests of transparency and fairness, particularly to those who have paid”. It also said it had received a number of “calls for full publication” of a list of non-contributing organisations.

However the regulator said that it would “undertake to contact all non-respondents again” before publishing the list. It also said it had asked both NCVO and the Institute of Fundraising to “get in touch with the small number of those that are their members to encourage payment of the levy”.

A list of non-paying charities will also be shared with the Charity Commission.

The regulator originally published a full list of all paying charities on the public register on its website on 11 July. 

Lord Grade of Yarmouth, chair of the Fundraising Regulator’s board, said: “The public generously supports charities, so their commitment to good fundraising practice is of vital importance. For charities spending more than £100,000 a year on fundraising, paying the levy is a very clear sign of their commitment to ensuring the maintenance of excellent fundraising standards and professionalism.  

“I am pleased that so many charities have paid the levy and want to commit to carrying out their fundraising in an exemplary way. The system of voluntary regulation proposed in the Cross-Party Review can only work effectively if those being regulated are prepared to support the regulator.”

Stephen Dunmore, chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said: “There is a clear public interest that larger fundraising charities should support the regulation of fundraising and pay the annual levy. Based on the annual return charities are required to complete for the Charity Commission, 1,768 charities fall within the category to which the levy applies; unfortunately some have declined to pay and others have not replied at all to our communications about the levy.”

Both Sir Stuart Etherington, chief executive of NCVO, and Peter Lewis, chief executive of the IoF, have also been called on their members who are yet to contribute to the levy to pay their share.The Fundraising Regulator has announced that it will be publishing a full list of the charities which have not contributed to its fundraising levy at the end of August.

Etherington said: "Paying the levy demonstrates a commitment to good practice and I believe transparency to show the majority of charities who have paid and small proportion who have not is fair to all concerned."

Lewis added: "We need an effective and properly resourced Regulator to help ensure high levels of trust in our work and to make sure that when things go wrong quick action is taken to deal with it."



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