Homelessness charity set to merge into YMCA branch 

16 May 2023 News

Homelessness charity Padley Group is set to merge into YMCA Derbyshire, it has announced.

YMCA Derbyshire is the larger of the two charities. Commission data for the financial year ending 31 July 2021 shows its total income is close to £4m and its expenditure £3.6m.

Meanwhile, data for the financial year ending 31 March 2022 puts Padley Group’s total income at £591,000 and expenditure £637,000.

Padley Group’s services with be run under the name Padley@YMCA Derbyshire as part of the merger, while the larger charity will retain its current name.

Staff from Padley will TUPE and become YMCA Derbyshire employees.

Merger to for ‘strength and sustainability’

 Allan Shaw, chair of the Padley Group, wrote in a statement that trustees realised that “in order to strengthen and sustain the help and support we give to our beneficiaries, we should merge with another local charity that had a similar vision” to the charity.

The charity trustees said after meeting with YMCA Derbyshire, “we quickly realised that they had similarity” in their vision, mission and values. 

“YMCA Derbyshire also have the strength and sustainability that Padley needs to continue our vision to support and empower those affected by homelessness and poverty to improve their lives,” the statement says.
The combined charities “will make a more resilient and effective contribution to both the city’s and county’s strategies for supporting individuals and communities experiencing homelessness and poverty”.   
Padley Group’s beneficiaries will not have to move from its accommodation or stop receiving support as YMCA Derbyshire is already a social housing provider and will incorporate its 18 Padley Pathways flats into its portfolio.

Padley Group, which said the merger will enable the charity to grow its funding for both organisations, “which means a stronger, more impactful organisation for the years to come”. 

Additional information on the website says a new bank account will be set up for donations in due course but the Padley Group bank account will remain open for at least six months.

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