Fundraising Regulator signs MoU with Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel

31 Aug 2017 News

The Fundraising Regulator has announced that it has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with its counterpart in Scotland.

The Fundraising Regulator has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel.

It is the fifth such MoU the regulator has signed with co-regulatory bodies including the Charity Commission, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Institute of Fundraising.

The agreement sets out how the two organisations will “collaborate on areas of mutual interest” and outlines the joint use of a ‘lead regulator’ model when dealing with complaints.

The MoU also sets out that the Fundraising Regulator will have an observer sit on board meetings of the panel, while a panel observer will also be invited to attend meetings of the regulator’s standards committee.

Both organisations will also liaise on strategic issues, and representatives from each organisation will hold a meeting once a year.

Lead regulator model

According to the document, the lead regulator model will see the two organisations deal with complaints based on the country in which a charity is primarly registered.

As the document explains: “The Fundraising Regulator will deal with complaints about charities whose principal regulator is the Charity Commission of England and Wales”.  While the Scottish Panel will focus on charities “whose principal regulator is OSCR”.

The document notes that some charities may well be fundraising in Scotland and registered with OSCR, despite having their headquarters in either England or Wales. In such a case, the Fundraising Regulator would take the lead on regulation.

The regulator will also deal with all complaints about fundraising agencies, even if they are based in Scotland. The panel will not deal with such complaints.

The MoU was signed by both Stephen Dunmore, chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator and by Alison Elliot, chair of the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel.

Speaking about the announcement, Dunmore said: “This Memorandum of Understanding builds on the close working relationship we have developed with our regulatory colleagues in Scotland.

“It aims to ensure that whether north or south of the border, the public experiences a consistent approach in how complaints are dealt with, while ensuring that national differences are identified and addressed in the Code of Fundraising Practice as they arise.”

Elliot said: “We’re looking forward to having a strong working relationship between the Fundraising Regulator and the panel, based on this MoU. Together we hope to ensure that, across the UK, charities can be confident about how to raise funds and donors can be comfortable about giving, so that everyone benefits from the huge contribution that charities make to society.

The Memorandum of Understanding can be read in full here.


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