Fundraising appeals for Ukraine reached £1m over the weekend

28 Feb 2022 News

Fundraising appeals to support Ukrainians using GoFundMe have raised more than £1m over the weekend. 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last Thursday, charities and individuals set up a variety of fundraising appeals to support those affected by the conflict.

One platform, GoFundMe has listed 11 verified appeals, which together have raised around £1.5m. 

Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Earlier this month, in anticipation of the conflict, a group of Ukrainian organisations in the UK launched a fundraising appeal. Since the Russian invasion, donations to this page have increased dramatically. 

So far the appeal has raised £785,000 from 15,700 donations. Last Thursday morning the total stood at £40,000. That is an increase of 1,862% in four days. 

In an update yesterday, the organiser said: “Thank you for your generous support for Ukrainians in this terrible situation! Yesterday we have had news from one of the aid agencies we are working with - they say they are now receiving requests from hospitals with new wounded civilians and social centres in charge of the evacuation of thousands of civilians, and they are one of the NGOs on the ground ready to deliver this help immediately.”

Donations will provide medicines, food and critical services to the most vulnerable during this time. A donation of £8 will fund two woollen blankets for individuals or emergency shelters or £23 will fund a food and hygiene pack for one adult for a month. 

Organisations involved in the appeal are:  

  • The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London
  • Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Great Britain
  • Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)
  • Association of Ukrainian Women (AUW)
  • Ukrainian Youth Association (CYM)
  • Plast Ukrainian Scouts in Great Britain
  • Association of Ukrainian Teachers (AUT)

You can donate to the appeal here. 

Keep the Kyiv Independent going

A fundraiser to uphold the Kyiv Independent amid the conflict has reached over £580,000 from over 13,000 donations.

The media outlet is raising funds to support itself during a time rife with cyberattacks, bombings and ground invasions. The publication fears censorship of the press may occur. 

The campaign reads: “We are not backed by a rich owner or an oligarch. We will rely first and foremost on fundraising from our readers and donors, and later on commercial activities.”

People can donate to keep the Kyiv Independent running here. 

Support Desperate Ukrainian Children in Crisis

Simon Harris created this appeal to raise money for Save the Children to support young people who are affected by the crisis. 

Even before Russia's invasion, more than 400,000 children in Ukraine were unable to attain the basics - the campaign reads. In light of recent events, poverty is expected to skyrocket. 

The campaign has reached over £57,000 so far and is half way towards its target of £100,000. 

You can donate to the campaign here. 

Hope and Aid Direct

The humanitarian aid charity Hope and Aid Direct (Haad) has launched an appeal to provide essential aid to Ukrainians as the conflict in the country escalates.

The charity is operating with its local partners Felsted Aid and TEECH to coordinate a response. All funding will go to local NGO's helping people directly affected by the conflict. 

“With 1.6 million people fleeing separatist controlled areas and a further 1.46 million registered Internally Displaced Persons in the country, supporting the local NGOs who provide vital aid is of the utmost importance.”

At the time of writing, the charity has raised £1,165. People can donate to the appeal here. 

Choose Love

Choose Love, a humanitarian movement, has launched an urgent fundraising appeal to support Ukrainian people that has reached over £765,000 of its £1m target.  

The organisers said: “With your donations we’ll be supporting projects (that meet our criteria) who are providing vital aid and services to those still in and fleeing the country, including: emergency medical care, food, shelter, clothes, legal support, support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support.” 

“Putin’s invasion is not just an attack on Ukraine. It is an attack on freedom, truth, democracy and humanity.”

Donations to the campaign can be made here.

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