Fundraising Preference Service received over 19,000 requests in first year

18 Jul 2018 News

The Fundraising Preference Service received 19,583 requests to stop communication from charities as of July, the Fundraising Regulator revealed today.

The FPS, a service designed to help donors opt out of fundraising communications, launched on 6 July 2017 and was used by 5,702 individuals up to the end of March 2018, with 4,492 requests made on behalf of another person. However, Gerald Oppenheim the new chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, gave updated FPS figures up to the service's "first birthday". 

Oppenheim said that as of 6 July 2018 stop requests have risen to 19,583, that 5,318 requests have been made to suppress charity communications by someone else and that there were 5,702 people now using the service overall. He said that "these numbers edge up all of the time". 

The FPS was launched in England on 6 July 2017 and since then has grown, with the service now available in Wales and in Northern Ireland. Scotland has its own regulator system for fundraising complaints. 

The FPS is operated by the Fundraising Regulator, the self-regulatory agency for the fundraising sector. It allows members of the public to opt out of communication from as many charities as they like, although they will only be allowed to select them three at a time.

Margaret Moore, vice-chair of the Fundraising Regulator, told delegates at the Fundraising Regulator review event, which marked its second anniversary, that it was “too soon to have a review” of the FPS this year. She added that a possible date for a review would be discussed at the Fundraising Regulator’s board meeting today.


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