Electrical safety charity reveals £64,000 rebrand 

25 Mar 2024 News

Electrical Safety First logo

Electrical Safety First

A campaigning charity that works to reduce deaths and injuries caused by electricity in UK homes has published a new logo and visual brand identity.

Electrical Safety First (ESF) said its branding now harnesses a green electrical glow and on power icon while its new strapline “powering change + saving lives” reflects its role as a consumer champion.

The charity, which recorded a total income of £7.07m for the year ending 31 March 2023, worked with agency Garden and spent £64,000 on the rebrand.

ESF said the work was informed by “an extensive brand audit”, including research among key audiences and stakeholders and market and competitor analysis, which cost £16,000.

‘A radical departure’

The charity said that its previous main branding colour red was “particularly associated with health issues, echoing blood and danger” and replaced it with electric green “to represent consumers making a positive change in their electrical safety”. 

It also replaced its previous coil-like icon with a stylised “e” which is both short for “electrical” and references the “power on” icon. 
While its previous colour palette of red, brown, blue, green, yellow and grey “reflected colours of different types of electrical wiring”, ESF said that audiences did not make that connection. 

“The colours also did not complement each other in execution. A vibrant primary and secondary colour palette of electric tones has now been created that work in harmony with each other,” it said.
ESF added various icons to its new brand, which represent common electrical scenarios such as fire, shock, explosion, toxic fumes and the danger of water combined with electricity. 
Rory Carroll, ESF’s head of communications, said: “Our new identity represents our charity’s leading-edge technical expertise. 

“It’s a radical departure from the previous brand, propelling us into the AI digital age.

“This new brand identity represents a new era of ambition for our charity.

“In an increasingly electric world, we aim to be the go-to for expert guidance, protect users of electricity and electrical products and save lives.” 

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