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Educational causes most popular beneficiary of Giving List major donors

08 May 2017 News

Educational charities and foundations have benefited most from major donor philanthropists, with over 60 per cent of people on the Sunday Times’ Giving List having donated to such organisations in the last year.

Over 60 per cent of Britain’s richest philanthropists donated money to educational charities and foundations, according to the Sunday Times Giving List 2017, which was published in full yesterday.

Analysis of the “main beneficiaries” of donations from each of the 200 philanthropists named in the 2017 Giving List showed that education charities and foundations were by far the most popular charitable cause last year.

According to the list, 121 of the top 200 major donors in the United Kingdom made a donation to an education charity or organisation in 2016 or 60.5 per cent of the top 200.

The second most popular charitable cause amongst the top 200 from this year’s Giving List were children charities, with 55 of the list making a donation to an organisation with that charitable aim.

A further 45 philanthropists donated to community organisations, while arts organisations were also strongly favoured, with 38 individual donations amongst the top 200.

Total of £3.2bn given away in 2016

As a whole, the Sunday Times’ Giving List 2017 showed that Britain’s wealthiest people gave away a record £3.2bn in 2016. This figure was a 20 per cent increase from the year before.

Jamie Cooper topped the Giving List in 2017, having donated £204.9m (around 60 per cent of her total net worth) to The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, a charity she set up with her ex-husband Sir Chris Hohn.

The largest total donation was made by construction magnate Steve Morgan, who donated £226m worth of shares in his company Redrow to his own Morgan Foundation. 


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