EasyJet owner suing fundraising company for having ‘easy’ in its name

05 Oct 2023 News

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Business conglomerate easyGroup, of which EasyJet is a subsidiary, is suing charity shopping website Easyfundraising for having “easy” in its name. 

EasyGroup, the owner of some brands under the “easy” name, has launched legal action against the company for copyright infringement. 

Easyfundraising, which was launched in 2005, said EasyGroup’s decision to sue the company for its name has caused “uncertainty, distraction and stress”. 

The chief executive of Easyfundraising said it does not believe the business has infringed on EasyGroup’s brand and called the allegations “opportunistic”. 

EasyGroup, which was founded in 1998, is also reportedly suing Leicester-based music band Easy Life for the same reason. 

Easyfundraising: ‘Opportunistic allegations’

James Moir, CEO of Easyfundraising, said: “We do not believe that the business has infringed EasyGroup’s brand. 
“The UK IPO (the UK trade mark office) granted Easyfundraising a registered trade mark for the plain words ‘easyfundraising’ as a result of substantial evidence submitted on our behalf showing how distinctive our trade mark is in the eyes of the UK consumer.

“We do not accept that these opportunistic allegations have any prospect of success and will vigorously defend our position in court.”

EasyGroup: ‘Unfair to let third parties use the brand for free’

Communications director and founder of EasyGroup Stelios Haji-Ioannou told Civil Society: “Stelios and EasyGroup founded and (now) own the right to the ‘easy’ brand name.
“Other companies pay annual royalties for its use as part of their business strategy.

“We cannot allow unauthorised third parties to simply use it free, gratis and for nothing. That would be very unfair.”

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