‘Digital transformation has been fast-tracked' during the pandemic, say fundraising leaders 

09 Jul 2021 News

The vast majority of fundraisers have found that the pandemic had accelerated digital transformation in their organisations, according to a survey.

Fundraising Magazine, published by Civil Society Media, ran its Fundraising Leaders 2021 survey during April and May, which was answered by fundraisers from 82 different organisations.

These organisations ranged from small charities with incomes under £50,000 to large household names of more than £150m.

More than 85% of respondents reported that the pandemic had accelerated digital transformation in their charities, while only nine respondents did not think it had.

One respondent said: “Digital transformation has been fast-tracked. Time-consuming travel has disappeared with the use of the Teams and Zoom [platforms]”.

They added that the pandemic “enabled the team to hold a full review and put project teams in place to ensure we’re on track for the future”.

Others cited the benefits of working remotely, increased digital capabilities and said that the pandemic made it easier to convince senior leadership of the importance of data and that there was greater flexibility within their organisations in regards to digital.

Respondents were also asked which virtual activities they had adopted during the pandemic. Almost 60% had started virtual challenges, 41% adopted virtual quizzes, 37% held virtual networking events and 16% used gaming.

Moreover, close to 80% of respondents said that in regards to digital adaptations, their future fundraising would likely take a hybrid approach using both virtual and in-person campaigns.

Only 10% suggested it would be mostly virtual for the foreseeable future, whilst a few responded that they would return to mainly in-person methods.

A full analysis of the survey can be read in Fundraising Magazine.

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