Commission contacts Christian charity over historical abuse allegations

03 Feb 2017 News

The Charity Commission has contacted a Christian charity over allegations of historical physical abuse that aired in a Channel 4 News investigation yesterday. 

Allegations that a former chair of the Iwene Trust had been involved in physical abuse during holiday camps run by the charity in the late 1970s and early 1980s were broadcast by Channel 4 News yesterday

The allegations have been reported to police and the Charity Commission, and the Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised. 

The Titus Trust, a charity which took over fundraising from the Iwene Trust in 2000, issued a statement saying “our thoughts are with all those who have suffered, and their families”. 

It added: “It was only in 2014 that the board of The Titus Trust became aware of these allegations, after which the trust provided full disclosure to the police, offering full co-operation with any inquiry that might arise as a result. The allegations were very grave and we believe that they should have been reported to the police when they first became known in 1981.

“The trustees also reported these allegations to the Charity Commission in 2014 who confirmed that they had no regulatory concerns about the management of the Titus Trust. A further update was sent to the Commission this week.

“Our safeguarding policy is in line with latest best practice to ensure the safety and care of every individual on our holidays. The trust is committed to operating a stringent policy which is regularly reviewed and updated.”

The Charity Commission confirmed that it has been in touch with the trust. 

A Charity Commission spokeswoman said: "We received serious incident reports from the Titus Trust in October 2014 and January 2017 regarding allegations of historic abuse by an individual associated with the charity. 

“We are in contact with the charity’s trustees and will be seeking more information to assess any regulatory role for the commission and to seek assurances regarding the procedures and controls that the charity has in place to safeguard its beneficiaries."

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