Children’s charities set to merge – ‘we see growth ahead of us’

08 May 2024 News

By Mikael Damkier/Adobe

Safe Families and Home for Good are set to merge, following several years of collaboration between the two charities.

Both brands are being retained, while operating under Safe Families for Children charitable body. 

A spokesperson told Civil Society that “due to the strength and stability of both charities, this isn't a financially motivated merger”. 

“In fact, it's about recognising that we can do so much more together. During this first year there will be some reshaping to enable the vision to be best served – but the need is great so if anything, we see growth ahead of us.”

Safe Families and Home for Good expect the merger process to take around four months. 

“The co-branded and co-led organisation will retain the two strong and respected brand identities and is set to begin operating in September 2024,” a release from the organisations states.

The organisations hope that the combined structure will deliver enhanced services to children and families.

Both charities work to prevent children and young people entering the care system through practical and emotional support for families, and if they do, ensure there are enough safe and nurturing homes available through fostering, adoption, and caring for teenagers through supported lodgings.

‘Merger builds on years of collaboration’

Kat Osborn, chief executive of Safe Families, said: “Our two charities share core values and the ambition to better support the growing numbers of children, young people, and families in need around the UK. 

“The merger builds on years of collaboration between the organisations and will enable us to see more churches equipped, more volunteers empowered and trained, more local authorities served, more families supported, less children entering care and for those that do, well-matched homes found.”

Osborn added: “We see this merger as a great opportunity to both enhance the services we provide and improve the relationships we have built with the government, communities, and families – which in turn will have a greater community impact and provide us with the opportunity to develop and deliver new services.”

Tarn Bright, chief executive at Home for Good, said: “This merger looks to the future, dedicated to serving children, families, foster carers, adopters, and supported lodgings hosts. 

“Joining our resources will have more impact than the individual sum of our parts, enabling us to work toward every child having a stable and nurturing home and where no-one feels alone.”

Data for the financial year ending 31 March 2023, filed with the Charity Commission, states Safe Families’ total income was £4.78m and expenditure was £4.84m.

Home for Good had a total income of £1.18m and expenditure of £1.92m in the same period, according to its annual accounts.

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