Charity unveils new brand amid service expansion

15 May 2024 News

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A London-based children’s charity has unveiled a new name and brand amid plans to expand services outside the capital.

West London Zone has renamed itself AllChild and will launch its model of community-led, early-action support in Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley in September.

The charity said the plans are part of a new strategy which is based on three levels of ambition: individual children and young people (people), the places they live (place) and national policymaking (prevention).

The strategy aims to deliver “even greater support for the children and young people we work with”, “new impact programmes in new areas of the UK” and “broader social change by mobilising joined-up local support systems that strengthen communities and influencing policymaking at a national level”.

Accounts filed with the Charity Commission show that AllChild’s income more than quadrupled between 2018 and 2022, from £1.4m to £5.8m.

‘Name could no longer carry the weight of our work’

AllChild said its model of in-school, hyperlocal, community-enabled and personalised support for children and young people “helps them to flourish in whatever life they choose”.

“Now we're committing to applying this model to support as many children and young people in underserved neighbourhoods of the UK as possible.”

It said that the first translations of its approach outside West London were co-designed with Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, Greater Manchester Integrated Care Partnership, local schools and voluntary sector organisations. 

“This all means the West London Zone name could no longer carry the weight of our work and our ambition for enabling community-led support for children and young people across the country – and so it was time for a new name and brand.

“Our challenge was to find one that fitted our new strategy, said something more about what we do and how we do it, and that resonated with our hugely diverse stakeholders.”

As part of the rebranding, AllChild said that it engaged in a “thorough process”, consulting with employees, donors, parents, programme alumni and its new project partners in Wigan.  

“Our approach is about the whole child, their unique social, emotional, and academic needs, not just in school but outside, in their communities.

“We arrived at a name that represents how we’re all about the child, all around the child, all for the child – AllChild.

“Thus, we have a new name and a new brand but what we strive for remains the same. Our work with the children and young people in our programmes – delivered by our amazing team of in-school link workers – is just as committed.”

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