Charity bodies make four demands for sector funding ahead of general election

15 Nov 2019 News

Sector umbrella bodies have partnered on the release of a manifesto focused on strategic funding for charities ahead of the general election on 12 December.

The partners to the manifesto are ACEVO, CFG, Children England, the Institute of Fundraising, the Lloyds Bank Foundation, the Local Trust, NAVCA, NCVO and the Small Charities Coalition.

The manifesto's four key demands are for political parties and the next government to:

  1. Increase funding for local authorities;
  2. Establish a Resilient Communities Fund;
  3. Confirm what arrangements will be made to replace EU funds, should Brexit take place; and
  4. Use dormant assets to create a Community Wealth Fund.

On the first ask, the manifesto says: “It is important that this additional funding takes the form of core government funding, rather than solely providing additional mechanisms for local authorities to raise revenue themselves.”

Brexit demands

A Resilient Communities Fund is asked for by the group to help charities and the communities they work with to deal with the economic impact that Brexit has already had and will continue to have.

The manifesto says: “Charities will be on the frontline offering support to communities, and more broadly bringing communities together, helping to bridge the Brexit divide. 

“They have the expertise to provide advice and support to people and communities, helping them increase their resilience and have the greatest chance of thriving post-Brexit. 

“But to ensure this they will require sufficient resources to mitigate the potential financial impacts for both charities and wider society.”

More detail on Shared Prosperity Fund

The third ask is for more detail on the UK Shared Prosperity Fund or equivalent funds to replace EU funds after and if the UK leaves the European Union.

The manifesto says: “The amount of money designated to the fund – which will replace EU structural funds post-Brexit – is still unknown. 

“It is important that the funding provided – particularly the component that will replace European Social Funds – is at least commensurate to levels of funding currently provided by the EU, if current levels of support are to be sustained.”

Using dormant assets

The fourth manifesto point calls for priority on the creation of a Community Wealth Fund derived from dormant assets, which are pots of money in bank accounts or other places that have had no activity besides interest for a long period of time.

On this fund, the manifesto says: “Developing new approaches in communities that have not benefited from growth will be key to addressing the UK’s low productivity in the coming years as the country seeks to achieve its post-Brexit potential.”

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