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Charity Commission publishes gender pay gap figures

28 Mar 2018 News

Female Charity Commission staff are paid a mean average of 6.9 per cent more than male staff, the regulator’s gender pay gap data has revealed.

The Charity Commission’s gender pay gap data, which is a snapshot of pay on 31 March 2017, also showed that when the median gender pay gap was looked at, women were being paid 7.4 per cent more than men.

Yet despite this, the bonus gap averages were higher in favour of men. With the mean figure showing men earned 19.4 per cent more than women from bonuses, or 8.9 per cent more according to the median figure.

The Commission said it would investigate why there is a bonus pay gap. The figures showed that 92.3 per cent of men were paid a bonus in the 12 month period, compared to 89.9 per cent of females.

The regulator’s analysis is based on its 309 paid employees in post at 31 March 2017, when there were 167 women employed and 142 men.

The Commission’s quartile data showed that in the two upper quartiles, which are its highest paid staff, 54.7 per cent were women, while in the lower two quartiles 52 per cent were women.

The regulator has published its data following legislation that requires all employees which hire over 250 employees to publish their gender pay gap figures. The deadline for charities to report their figures is 4 April 2018.

Data compiled by Civil Society News has shown that, with only a week to go, over half of the top 100 charities in the haysmacintyre / Charity Finance Charity Index, are yet to publish their figures.

The Wellcome Trust reported that it had a median pay gap of 20.8 per cent, with men being paid more than women, and outlined steps that it would take to close this gap.

At the lower end of the scale RNLI announced that it had a mean gap in favour of men of 0.7 per cent.

NCVO, which has fewer than 250 employees, has also published its gender pay gap data, and has encouraged others to do the same. It reported a median figure of 12.4 per cent in favour of men.


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