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NCVO reveals its gender pay gap

09 Jan 2018 News

NCVO has published its data on its gender pay gap which shows that the median pay gap figure is 12.43 per cent, or men earning £2.84 more per hour, as it encourages other organisations to do the same.

New rules introduced in April 2017 mean that all private and voluntary sector employers in England, Wales and Scotland with 250 or more employees are required to publish information about the differences in pay between men and women on an annual basis. The deadline deadline to publish 2017's data is April 2018.

NCVO, which employs around 100 staff, has voluntarily published its own gender pay gap in a bid to increase transparency and encourage other charities and social enterprises to do the same.

The umbrella body has published a snapshot of median and mean hourly earnings at 5 April 2017. The mean figures show that male employees earn £3.40 more than female employees per hour, this means that on average women earn 13.98 per cent less than men for each hour they work.

It has also broken down its figures for the year into quartiles, which show that for the lower three quarteriles women were paid more than men. NCVO said that in the fourth quartile “a gender pay gap of 11 per cent exists, reflecting the fact that three of the four members of the senior management team are men”.

NCVO also said that “like many employers in the voluntary sector, NCVO employs more women than men but there are proportionately more women than men in lower grades and in part time roles”.

Susan Cordingley, director of planning and resources at NCVO, has written a blog that explains why all charities should publish their gender pay gap. Read it here.

NCVO’s gender pay gap data can be viewed here.


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