Charity Banking Survey 2021 – win a £100 John Lewis voucher

03 Feb 2021 Announcement

The Bank of England

Charity Finance’s 2021 Charity Banking Survey is now open.

We would be very grateful to any charity which wants to take part, and help us understand how banks serve the voluntary sector.

It is a chance for us to analyse everything about the banking options charities face, and then share that intelligence across civil society.

The survey will only take around 15 minutes to complete, and all the information provided will be aggregated and reported anonymously, so there is no need to worry about confidentiality. 

A chance to win £100 John Lewis gift card

Plus there is an incentive for everyone who participates. Every respondent will be entered into a draw for a £100 John Lewis gift card, as well as being sent free access to our final report.

The Charity Banking Survey is a comprehensive guide to the banks serving charities, and includes information on which banks are most popular with voluntary organisations, which rank most highly for customer satisfaction, views on ethical banking, and analysis of mergers and acquisitions in the banking marketplace. 

The deadline for responses is Friday 26 February – we look forward to hearing your views!

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