Charities must comply with GDPR from today 

25 May 2018 News

Charities, along with all other organisations which process personal data, must be compliant with European Union rules for data protection as of today (25 May). 

GDPR has had a two-year transition period to enable organisations to ensure that their data processes are in line with the new regulations. 

The existing Data Protection Act has been amended to bring it into line with GDPR, meaning the new laws will apply in the UK after Brexit.

Writing for Civil Society, Margot James, minister for the digital and creative industries, urged the charity sector to “make sure that it plays its part”

“Anyone in the sector with concerns about being compliant with data protection laws should contact the Information Commissioner’s Office. They are there to help with a range of useful information online about how to become compliant and a dedicated phone line offering advice and support,” she added.

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