Cancer charities merge to increase awareness of cause

17 May 2024 News

Tamara Kahn is the inaugural CEO of Oracle Cancer Trust

Oracle Cancer Trust

Oracle Cancer Trust and the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation have merged into one charity called Oracle Head & Neck Cancer UK. 

Tamara Kahn, chief executive of Oracle Cancer Trust, will continue as the inaugural leader of the new organisation. 

Michelle Vickers, former CEO of the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, will move to the newly created role of chief awareness officer at the new organisation, which will focus on building public awareness, engagement and advocacy. 

Vickers said that “collectively we will deliver far greater awareness across the UK” of head and neck cancer. 

According to the Charity Commission website, the organisation had an income of £500,000 and expenditure of £445,000 in the year to May 2023 with two members of staff.

‘Pivotal milestone’

Kahn said: “This merger represents a pivotal milestone in our race to overcome the head and neck cancer crisis currently facing the UK.

“We want and need to bring about change to ultimately save and improve patients’ lives. 

“Our board of trustees sees common values and shared objectives – giving the ability to make the new combined organisation stronger.

“In addition, the scale of the head and neck cancer problem in the UK warrants a bigger voice.

“Together we believe we can increase awareness and help drive treatment innovations that ultimately uplift positive patient outcomes and care standards.”

Vickers said: “Education and awareness are crucial in the early detection and treatment of head and neck cancers.

“Just as we know what to look for in other cancers, we need to know what to look for in these cancers. We know that a speedier diagnosis in a patient’s journey will drive better outcomes. 

“Our merger represents a coming together of excellence at a time when the number of cases is increasing, I am excited to be part of this next chapter and the joining together of two forces for good.

“There are many strong synergies between us and collectively we will deliver far greater awareness across the UK.”

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