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BBC1 plans to broadcast five-part series on charity fraud

30 Apr 2018 News

A five-part series on charity fraud is due to be broadcast on BBC1, with filming taking place next month.

Nine Lives Media has been commissioned by the BBC to make the series looking at instances where money donated to good causes “ends up in the hands of wrongdoers and fraudsters”.

The organisation said it aims to raise public awareness about the problem and highlight the impact it has on charities and their beneficiaries.

It also plans to highlight “the good work of charities”, and organisations on the front line of stopping charity scams.

One charity fraud case the series will cover is that of Lee Patterson, who was sentenced to three years in prison in March after stealing more than £200,000 from Christian charity Bramley Family Support Project, of which he was a project manager.

The BBC has not announced a broadcast date yet but Nine Lives Media plans to complete filming of the series by the end of May.

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