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80 per cent ‘will use’ new good governance code

01 Mar 2017 News

Four in five respondents to the consultation on the new Charity Governance Code said they would definitely or probably use the Code once it is finalised.

The consultation closed on 6 February and generated 168 valid SurveyMonkey responses, 20 substantive responses from the likes of Cancer Research UK, National Trust, the Charity Commission and the Charity Law Association, and 21 emails.

The Code working group is meeting on 16 March to analyse the responses and consider possible changes, with the final report delivered by 23 March. 

The working group is planning on publicising the proposed changes, giving people a second opportunity to comment, but only on critical points – the working group is clear that there will not be a second consultation.

The working group is also considering road-testing the proposed post-consultation version in April or May with charities who are willing to act as ‘guinea pigs’. The final Code should be published by early June.


Rosie Chapman, chair of the Code working group, said responses seemed generally positive at first glance, though it was clear some parts did need changing. 

One theme that appeared to have emerged was whether the Code treated large and small charities sufficiently differently, and whether it was challenging enough for larger charities.

Some respondents also highlighted possible omissions – specifically whistleblowing, data protection and safeguarding.

Others queried whether there would be practical tools and guidance to accompany the Code, and some expressed nervousness about the proposed public disclosure of interests.  

A more comprehensive summary of responses will be published on Civil Society News later in March.


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