What's in May 2020's issue of Governance & Leadership Magazine?

15 May 2020 In-depth

The cover theme for the May issue of Governance & Leadership is ‘Sector on the Brink’, with almost the entire edition devoted to how charities are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, along with advice to help them handle the crisis. The lockdown has sent many charities into a tailspin, forcing trustee boards everywhere to rip up and radically revise their short- and medium-term projections and make really difficult, heartwrenching decisions about services and staffing. In our cover feature, we examine how boards have been responding to these demands and we round up the best bits of advice we’ve found for helping them to navigate the crisis – including some wise words from leaders who have encountered crises in the past, such as former Oxfam chief executive Mark Goldring.



Cover theme: Charities and coronavirus


Law & Guidance 

People and Culture 

Core Functions: Property


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