Charity Commission to order closure of a second military charity

10 Dec 2018 News

The Charity Commission has said it will order the closure of Afghan Heroes, a military charity which has been under a statutory inquiry since 2013.  

Afghan Heroes has been run by an interim manager since 2014 when the Commission appointed Brian Johnson from HW Fisher & Company. 

Earlier this year the Commission issued a winding up order to another military charity, Support the Heroes. Both charities had connections to fundraising companies owned by Tony Chadwick. 

The power to direct the winding up of a charity was granted to the Commission in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 and this is the second time that it has been used. 

The Charity Commission opened a statutory inquiry into Afghan Heroes to look at whether there were unmanaged conflicts of interest, unauthorised trustee benefits and financial mismanagement in November 2013. 

On Friday it gave formal notice of its intention to issue the winding up order and is inviting representations. 

Representations must be made within 30 days by emailing [email protected] 


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