What's in May 2020's issue of Fundraising Magazine?

11 May 2020 In-depth

The cover feature of the May issue takes a look the results of our 2020 CRM survey and the role of customer relationship management systems in fundraising during the current crisis. Social distancing is obviously a challenge for fundraisers as a lot of their work involves building and maintaining relationships with donors and partners. Many charities are finding that an efficient and fully integrated CRM system can be a real plus now that face-to-face meetings are off limits. Our survey looks at the best options on the market and how fundraisers can get the most from them during the outbreak and in the post-pandemic era.

There is also a feature on how fundraisers are adapting their strategies to cope with lockdown by taking campaigns online, rethinking how mass participation events can be run in the virtual arena and inventing quirky challenges that can be done in isolation.

With everyone now working from home, there is a timely case study by Save the Children's head of marketing and fundraising Gemma Sherrington on how the charity has been working over the last couple of years to adopted Agile working across the organisation to breakdown silos and allow more freedom in management roles. It has been a long process and not without its challenges, but one that has become particularly beneficial in the current climate.

Also in this issue there is an article offering practical guidance about how to protect against cybercrime - particularly useful during this time when most of us are working, meeting and socialising online.

Finally, we are now in Ramadan – the biggest date in the fundraising calendar for Muslim charities. This year however many of the traditional routes to market - such as events and collections at mosques – have been severed. Interim head of fundraising at Islamic Relief Zia Salik is our featured interview and he sheds light on how his charity is looking to replace traditional methods and make up for any shortfall in funding.




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