Just 49 of top 100 charities display Fundraising Regulator logo on website 

05 Jul 2017 News

Only 18 of the top 100 largest fundraising charities in terms of income are currently displaying the Fundraising Regulator’s ’registered with’ badge on their website homepages, although 49 have it somewhere on their website.

Ahead of the Fundraising Regulator’s first anniversary event and the official launch of the Fundraising Preference Service, Civil Society News has found that only 18 of the top 100 largest fundraising organisations in the UK are currently displaying the regulator’s ‘registered with’ badge on their website homepage.

Every two years Fundraising magazine compiles a list of the top 100 fundraising charities, using data collected for the haysmacintyre / Charity Finance Charity 100 Index, but focusing on fundraised income instead of total income. The list was last updated in January 2017 and we checked each charity’s website to see if they were currently displaying the new regulator’s logo. 

Only 18 display it on homepage

Civil Society News found that that just 49 out of the top 100 displayed the logo somewhere on their website, with only 18 displaying it on their homepage. Others are displaying it on the donation page or as part of a donation pledge. 

Analysis of the list showed that, at the time of writing at least, a further 31 of the largest charities display the badge somewhere on their website – be that on one of the donation pages. 

Those not displaying the logo anywhere include Save the Children, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and Blind Veterans UK. Many of the others who have not displayed the logo are foundations, museums or arts and heritage charities. 

Six charities still carry the old FRSB’s tick somewhere on their website. They are: RSPB Stroke Association, Woodland Trust, Action for Children, Movember Europe, and Action on Hearing Loss. 

Civil Society News has also found that 11 of the 45 charities which originally agreed to contribute start-up funding to the Fundraising Regulator prior to its launch are not currently displaying the regulator’s badge, on its homepage or seemingly anywhere else.

The Fundraising Regulator’s ‘registered with’ badge plays essentially the same role as the old FRSB tick did, and has been made available to all charities which have contributed to the regulator’s levy or have registered with it.

The badge was launched, along with the Fundraising Regulator’s logo and branding, in April 2016. At the time, Stephen Dunmore, chief executive of the Fundraising Regulator, said it was an important step “in establishing the Fundraising Regulator’s identity with the public and with the charities we will regulate”.

Charities looking at where to put logo

Charities said they were in the process of reviewing where to place the Fundraising Regulator’s ‘registered with’ badge on their website.

Joanna Toscana, joint head of press and media at RSPCA, said the organisation displayed the “logo on our payment page,” as well as on all marketing material but said the charity's “fundraising team were going to review where the logo appears and make sure it appears on the appropriate pages”.

Spokeswomen from Macmillan Cancer Support, and the National Trust also said their organisations were working out where was best to display the badge on their website.

Sally Aston, fundraising media and PR manager at Macmillan said the Fundraising Regulator badge “does appear on some of our fundraising campaign-specific pages and we’re looking at adding it to more of our webpages”.

Susan Foster, director of fundraising at the National Trust, said the badge could be found on the trust’s fundraising promise page, but said that only represented a “temporary solution”. She said the “recent overhaul to our online donate journey and donation section” on the charity’s website had “unsettled” the badge’s previous display location on the homepage and donation sections.

A spokeswoman from GOSH Children’s Charity said the organisation currently displayed the badge on its ‘Our Fundraising’ page.

A spokesman for Islamic Relief UK said: "The Fundraising Regulator logo is currently displayed on our donation page, and we're currently in the process of slowly rolling it out across our other digital assets". 


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