What's in October 2018's issue of Charity Finance?

01 Oct 2018 In-depth

Under-resourced: Why are charities wide of the mark on core funding?

The cover theme for October's Charity Finance magazine is core functions, where we look at the value that finance and other core functions bring to their charities, and why charities have such trouble funding them. We also look at how the finance function is changing, with the commercial sector leading the way in moving finance away from transaction processing and towards insight.

Elsewhere, we reveal the findings of this year's Charity Shops Survey, which shows that there is a decline in store numbers but profits are on the increase.

This month also includes a special feature on annual reports and accounts, with Helena Wilkinson reviewing the accounts of 150 charities. All the scoring for each individual charity is available to download below, but Wilkinson believes that annual reports and accounts are focusing too much on achievements and not enough on the difference that charities actually make.

Finally we present a survey of the main law firms serving the sector, which reports that charities continue to face increasing regulatory demands.

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Cover theme: Core functions


Special feature: Annual report and accounts






Survey: Law firms






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