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Fundraising Live 2018

8 February 2018 London

We are delighted to announce the return of Fundraising Live- the event specifically designed to give fundraisers a voice on the things that really matter.

We are delighted to announce the return of Fundraising Live- the event specifically designed to give fundraisers a voice on the things that really matter. As we embark on a new era in fundraising, innovation, collaboration and digital engagement are more relevant than ever. Such a shift creates opportunities, but also challenges. From navigating income date regulation right through to operating in an unstable economic and political climate, charities are under pressure to retain the human touch while also effectively embracing the pace of change. 

This year's programme showcases some of the exciting developments and new trends emerging across the sector in response to such challenges. It features some of the most disruptive strategies from organisations of varying shapes and sizes, including examples of small organisations forging beneficial partnerships and new engagement methods such as the rise of virtual reality.



08 February 2018

  • 9.00AM - 9.30AM
    Registration, refreshments and networking
    Registration, refreshments and networking
  • 9.30AM - 9.35AM
    Chair's welcome
    Stephen Cotterill, editor, Fundraising Magazine
  • 9.35AM - 10.20AM
    Opening panel discussion: Fundraising for a new era - what lies ahead?

    We invite our panellists to reflect on the past year and how its events have impacted charities and influenced public opinion and attitudes to giving.

    Amanda Bringans, director of fundraising, British Heart Foundation, Margaret Casely-Hayford, chair, ActionAid UK, Nina Saffuri, director of fundraising, War Child, Peter Wanless, chief executive, NSPCC
  • 10.20AM - 11.00AM
    Speed networking
    A unique opportunity to break the ice, meet new people and make more of those valuable connections early in the day!
  • 11.00AM - 11.30AM
    Networking and refreshment break
    Networking and refreshment break
  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    1A. Exploring the power of charity partnerships

    Working collaboratively can be a vital strategy for small organisations hoping to secure long-term sustainable growth and increase their impact, but it’s no fast-track to success. In this session, Emma Wrafter and Lynn Ladbrook will explain the motivation behind their partnership and some of the challenges they have faced as well as the benefits for both organisations. They will outline the crucial factors to consider ahead of forging any partnership, including: how to understand and create mutual, tangible goals; how to best align your brands; and how to keep both sides enthusiastic, committed and engaged.

    Lynn Ladbrook, chief executive, Breast Cancer UK and Emma Wrafter, co-chief executive, Animal Free Research UK
  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    1B. Alzheimer’s Research UK case study: Key principles for achieving transformational growth

    This session will explore the fundraising growth achieved over the last two years at Alzheimer’s Research UK. Hilary Evans and Ian Wilson will outline the initiatives underpinning a 24 per cent increase in voluntary donations that has enabled the charity to invest a record amount in charitable activities. From launching the Defeat Dementia campaign and establishing real growth in legacy income through their inspirational partnership with parkrun, they will share their ambitious journey and provide tips on how to create a path to sustainable growth.

    Ian Wilson, executive director of fundraising and communications, Alzheimer’s Research UK

  • 11.30AM - 12.10PM
    1C. Future-proofing your fundraising

    Organisations of all types are having to become more agile in order to ensure ongoing success in a rapidly changing world. As a sector, charities are under pressure to focus on immediate targets and goals, which, when combined with a lack of resources, can often prevent them from taking a truly long-term view. Through examining some of the major technological, societal and sector trends, James Moon will explore how these could affect the future of fundraising and crucially, how organisations can prepare for and harness these opportunities.

    James Moon, advisory manager, Charities Aid Foundation
  • 12.10PM - 12.55PM
    2A. Social made simple: Strategies for raising awareness, support and funds

    This session will explore the power of technology and social media to help charities build and strengthen relationships. Vinay Nair will assess the current social and digital landscape in the voluntary sector, and will discuss the untapped potential charities have in this space. Referring to real life examples, this session will explore how two different organisations are using social media and the latest technology to raise awareness, support and funds in order to achieve even more impact.

    Vinay Nair, chief executive & co-founder, Lightful
  • 12.10PM - 12.55PM
    2B. Going global: Sightsavers’ international fundraising strategy

    Since first moving into Direct TV advertising in Ireland 12 years ago, Sightsavers has become a truly global organisation with fundraising teams across Scandinavia, Italy, the United States and India, as well as in the UK. This session will explore the flexibility offered by having diverse individual giving income streams across multiple countries when faced with tightening regulation and static individual giving markets at home. It will also highlight some of the unique and inherent difficulties that come with managing multiple international fundraising teams from a central UK office.

    Becki Jupp, director, global individual giving and marketing, Sightsavers
  • 12.10PM - 12.55PM
    2C. Using behavioural science to improve donor acquisition

    Acquiring quality regular givers is becoming ever harder and more expensive, making it critical to understand the key influences for potential donors when making a commitment. Joe Morrison and Dr Benny Cheung will demonstrate how Plan International UK is using behavioural economics to find the most impactful combination of price, people and positioning. They will share how the charity overcame conflicting sources of insight, and how it blended innovation with statistics to create a powerful new digital offer. Join this session to hear some promising results for both fundraising performance and user experience.

    Joe Morrison, head of business improvement and innovation, Plan International UK and Dr Benny Cheung, director, Dectech
  • 12.55PM - 2.00PM
    Lunch and networking break
    Lunch and networking break
  • 2.00PM - 2.30PM
    The evolution of giving

    Does online crowdfunding represent a seismic shift in the way that people relate to and support the causes they care about? This session will consider the expectations of a new generation of givers, the future role of charity fundraising in a digital world and how organisations can actively influence the collective power to enable change. Drawing on extensive market insight, Charles Wells will explore the trends seen at JustGiving, highlighting who is giving online, why, and to what, and will discuss the wider opportunities and challenges posed by the increasing uptake of online crowdfunding.

    Charles Wells, chief marketing officer, JustGiving
  • 2.30PM - 3.15PM
    3A. Mass participation: Looking for a new challenge?

    Recent research shows the majority of charities have seen income rise from event fundraising, but in a crowded market dominated by larger organisations, how can smaller charities utilise this revenue stream more effectively? Our panel reflect on some of the innovative campaigns employed by organisations operating on a tight budget looking to mobilise new supporters, enhance the reach and impact of their work and stand out from the crowd.

    Panellists: Sam Afhim, director of income generation, Crohn’s and Colitis UK, Cader MacPhail, community fundraising manager, Challengers, and Ben Twyman, Head of Events, Children with Cancer UK
  • 2.30PM - 3.15PM
    3B. The rise of the digital donor – opportunities and challenges

    The modern donor expects relatable, personalised and integrated digital communications, putting increasing pressure on charities to demonstrate best practice in data segmentation and profiling. This session will look at the role that an organisation’s online presence can play in shaping fundraising strategy and driving awareness. How can we tackle some of the challenges accompanying incoming data regulation in order to identify and communicate effectively with our primary audience? Sedef Gavaz will discuss some of the best approaches to online engagement, sharing select examples of innovation from across the charity sector and beyond.

    Sedef Gavaz, head of digital, British Council
  • 2.30PM - 3.15PM
    3C. Greenpeace case study: Real engagement, virtual reality

    This session will showcase Greenpeace’s work with virtual reality, including face-to-face fundraising and Virtual Explorer – the free app that is reaching new audiences and engaging a new generation of supporters. Using virtual reality to create impactful, immersive experiences, Greenpeace is realigning its brand experience, fostering awareness and guiding its audience beyond sympathy and into action. Kasia Nieduzak and Peter Speller will share the learning from their journey to develop VR films and promote this new app, as well as the wider goals for the UK-first project.

    Kasia Nieduzak, lead generation, acquisition executive, and Pete Speller, acting deputy head of mobilisation, Greenpeace
  • 3.15PM - 3.35PM
    Networking and refreshment break
    Networking and refreshment break
  • 3.35PM - 4.15PM
    4A. Beyond business: Autistica and Deutsche Bank case study

    Corporate fundraising is no new visionary strategy, but by successfully developing and nurturing the passion and expertise of your partners workforce, this reciprocal relationship can provide benefits far outreaching your organisation’s own capabilities. Join Sarah Bissell and Krysia Kozniewska who will outline the affiliation between Autistica and Deutsche Bank. By aligning their values and ensuring holistic buy in, they have managed to build more meaningful relationships, launch ground-breaking projects and achieved a 550 per cent increase in voluntary income. They will outline what to look for in partnerships, how to leverage support effectively and how to embed your mission into your partner’s commercial objectives.

    Sarah Bissell, director of fundraising, Autistica and Krysia Kozniewska, charities and fundraising manager, Deutsche Bank
  • 3.35PM - 4.15PM
    4B. Developing future leaders from within

    Operating in a challenging external environment, fundraising success starts within your organisation and relies on leaders who are able to nurture the passion and purpose of their dedicated fundraisers. In an industry which is notorious for having a high turnover, but also heavily reliant on long-term relationships, this session will consider how to identify and develop existing talent in order to build a unified team. Drawing on her personal experience, Kate Collins will also outline the challenges and opportunities posed by an internally-facing model and consider the inherent implications for diversity when deciding to go “home grown or shop bought”.

    Imogen Ward, director, ASTARITA ALDRICH & WARD

  • 3.35PM - 4.15PM
    4C. charity: water - a model for reinventing charity?

    As the charity sector faces calls for increased transparency and improvements in traditional fundraising methods, can charity: water’s 100 per cent proposition - where private individuals fund the operations of the organisation to enable 100 per cent of public gifts to be deployed directly to water projects - offer a model for the reinvention of charity in the UK? Is the approach, deemed controversial by some, still a step too far or can it repeat its stateside success? Faith Chastain will focus on the recent UK launch and will discuss the pros and cons of a funding model built on the beliefs of radical transparency and the celebration of generosity.

    Faith Chastain, UK general manager and Anna Baskerville, head of fundraising, charity: water
  • 4.15PM - 4.50PM
    Closing plenary: Maximising the collective impact of fundraising

    Since their launch, the Disasters Emergency Committee has successfully run 70 appeals, raising more than £1.5 billion in the process. In this inspirational closing address, Adil Husseini will explore the DEC’s approach in galvanizing support across corporate partners, celebrities and charity member agencies in order to respond effectively to some of the world’s most overwhelming crises. He will offer insight into how partner organisations can effectively maximise publicity and how charities can collaborate to drive responsive and impactful change.

    Adil Husseini, director of fundraising and marketing, Disasters Emergency Committee

  • 4.55PM - 6.00PM
    Networking drinks reception
    Networking drinks reception


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  • This conference is of much higher quality than many in the sector, with some sessions that were absolutely exceptional; Joe Nicholson, Christian Aid
  • Well organised, some excellent content and speakers, refreshing honesty and authentic commentary - really useful in my fundraising role - thank you; Chris Bray, Eden Valley Hospice
  • Factual and fun; Alexis Aggidis, Scope
  • Inspiring and very well organized; Marta Jiménez Varela, Shaftesbury Young People
  • Valuable way of checking in with other fundraisers, refreshing thinking and understanding key current issues and trends; Liz Brinsdon, Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust
  • Lots of useful information, interesting hearing how other organisations work; Jan Sheldon, Royal Association for Deaf People
  • Great to have some new ideas and some sound advice at the same time; Debbie Matthews, Rennie Grove
  • Really good: First time I've been and I'll be back; Robert Marsh, Combat Stress
  • Covered a wide range of topics within a short space of time using industry experts; Claudine Piggott, Fareshare
  • Well organised and varied, plenty to choose from and great panelists. Good to find out what's going on and meet other fundraisers; Katie Greaves, Fareshare
  • A very well thought-out and run event in an impressive venue, with excellent speakers, ample breaks, tasty grub and refreshment; Karen Duncan, Marine Society & Sea Cadets
  • The conference was the perfect set up for starting conversations, networking and inspiring. From the fierce to the timid, the day united everyone!; Fran Bainbridge, Talking Money
  • Usually with 'charity' conferences you are lucky to walk away with one workable idea - today I have taken home a good number!; Robert Marsh, Combat Stress
  • Great event - well organised - good content very useful information to take back to my work place; Pam Withrington, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance
  • Very well organized; Afroditi Azari, Derby Hospital Charity
  • Useful and diverse; Nicholas Tobias John Cross, St John’s School and College


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