Charity Finance Summit 2022

6 October 2022

The Charity Finance Summit brings the most up-to-date developments in charity finance, from a regulatory perspective as well as thought leadership and practical case studies.

This event has now taken place. The 2023 Charity Finance Summit will take place on the 5 October. 

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We are delighted to announce the return of the 15th annual Charity Finance Summit.

The programme has been developed in response to feedback and insight from sector experts and will deliver the most up-to-date developments in key topic areas of VAT, tax, investment, risk and strategy, alongside networking opportunities.

In 2022, the Charity Finance Summit will take place at 155 Bishopsgate, London. Always a sell-out event, we encourage you to book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, and we look forward to seeing you on the day. 

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06 October 2022

  • 9.00AM - 9.20AM
  • 9.20AM - 9.25AM
    Chair's welcome: Tristan Blythe, editor, Charity Finance
  • 9.25AM - 10.10AM
    Economic outlook – inflated expectations
    While the pandemic is hopefully behind us, great economic uncertainty and volatility remains. Over the coming months, charities can expect even greater demand, in an inflationary environment. Our keynote speaker will present her view on the current economic situation and share her vast knowledge and experience to help finance directors assess what they need to be aware of to prevent them reaching bursting point.

    Ann Pettifor, political economist and author
  • 10.10AM - 10.15AM
    Stream chair's welcome

    Stream A: Ian Allsop, contributing editor, Charity Finance

    Stream B: Richard Bray, finance, regulatory & taxes manager, CRUK

    Stream C: Tristan Blythe, editor, Charity Finance

    Stream D: Rob Preston, editor, Civil Society News

  • 10.15AM - 10.55AM
    1A. Non-business and its impact on charity VAT

    This session will explore the VAT concept of ‘non-business’ and what it means for charities, including; what is non-business? How it has evolved over time? Interaction with grant funding; some specifics where it is an important distinction, and recent experience of dealing with non-business for clients and with HMRC.

    Len Dean, VAT Partner, Bishop Fleming

  • 10.15AM - 10.55AM
    1B. VAT update
    This session will be a review of recent case law and any HMRC changes/announcements affecting the charity sector.

    Socrates Socratous, VAT Consultancy Partner, Buzzacott
  • 10.15AM - 10.55AM
    1C. Demystifying responsible investment
    Responsible investment, and thinking about ESG issues as an investor and shareholder, is becoming more popular with every passing month. People are waking up to the possibilities it presents to reduce risks and identify opportunities. Through responsible investment, investors can also play their part in making the world a better place. But this is a field rife with confusing thinking and jargon. This session will explore why responsible investment matters, explain the different types, and assess how to work out which one might be right for your charity.

    Elliot Bancroft, investment director, and Gareth Pearl, investment director, Rathbones
  • 10.15AM - 10.55AM
    1D. Legal update

    Session description to be announced

    Shivaji Shiva, partner, VWV

  • 10.55AM - 11.25AM
    Networking & refreshment break
  • 11.25AM - 12.10PM
    2A. Fundamentals of partial exemption
    A summary of the rules of partial exemption for charities, covering the basic rules that charities need to know including key definitions, direct attribution, standard and special methods, de minimis limits, and Annual and Capital Goods Scheme adjustments. The session will also cover what happens now for any charities that were able to obtain temporary alterations to their partial exemption methods (including combined methods) as a result of the special measures introduced by HMRC for Covid-19.

    Kamlesh Chauhan, VAT Director, haysmacintyre
  • 11.25AM - 12.10PM
    2B. Key employment tax issues for charities
    An update on current issues, including flexible working, working overseas and off payroll working.

    George Milmine, employment tax director, Saffery Champness
  • 11.25AM - 12.10PM
    2C. Welcome to the jungle: surviving and thriving in the multi-asset landscape

    Macro investing is a dense and complex place, where tangled narratives can obscure the right path. Join Justin as he navigates three key questions facing charity investors: How’s the weather looking for intrepid investors as they battle through inflation and growth risks? What are the laws of the jungle that investors can use to cut their way through the current uncertainty and threats that lurk in the undergrowth? Where might the opportunities be to separate you from the troupe of other investors?

    Justin Onuekwusi, senior multi-asset fund manager, LGIM 

  • 11.25AM - 12.10PM
    2D. Financial controls: is your charity protected?

    Effective internal financial controls are essential for charities when meeting their legal duties of safeguarding assets and managing resources effectively. But what does this mean in practice? This session will explore how technology can assist in retaining control of processes and ensuring maximum protection.

    Veronika Zalivska, senior solutions consultant, Xledger and Amanda Smith, director, Evelyn Partners

  • 12.10PM - 12.50PM
    3A. Tax treatment of membership benefits
    A look at the VAT treatment of the various benefits provided by charities to the members, including the implications of the introduction of the zero-rate of VAT for electronic publications. This session will link this to the Gift Aid treatment of membership benefits, exploring the areas which need special attention in order to achieve the best result for both VAT and Gift Aid.

    Wendy Andrews, VAT director and Mark McGarry, tax partner, Saffery Champness
  • 12.10PM - 12.50PM
    3B. Property VAT and tax issues
    Charities, like other organisations, may now be finding themselves with more building and property space than they need. With the financial challenges being more of an issue than ever, charities may be looking at opportunities to generate income, or cut costs, in respect of property. This session will consider the optimum approach for VAT and tax purposes around a charity utlising its excess property. For example: sub letting property space; disposing entirely of property interests; entering into joint arrangements with other charities or third party businesses for sharing or exploiting unwanted or excess property assets, etc. The session will be practical and use examples to illustrate the VAT and tax issues.

    Debbie Jennings, VAT director, and Andrew Constable, tax partner, Moore Kingston Smith
  • 12.10PM - 12.50PM
    3C. Geopolitics and inflation – preparing for a new investment regime

    For the past 40 years or so geopolitics and inflation have been, by and large, in harmony with one another, producing a fertile environment for charity investors. But what if this changes? Will the future be as positive for charity returns as they have been in the past? Will the old ways of constructing portfolios still have merit in the future? And must we now look through the world in a new lens, that unearths new opportunities and threats? This presentation will make the case that we are entering into a new investment regime and, as a result, a new investment approach is required.

    Ajay Johal, investment manager, Ruffer 

  • 12.10PM - 12.50PM
    3D. Navigating successful digital futures through digital maturity

    Are you grappling with how to start your digital journey? Frustrated by the lack of pace or concerned that you are signing off an endless budget with no sense of the benefit? This session will showcase how using digital maturity ensures a focus on beneficiaries using your technology — delivering success and value. Using real life examples from charities of all shapes and sizes, Nathan will share practical tips and strategic insight to take back to your board.

    Nathan Baranowski, managing director, Digital Wonderlab

  • 12.50PM - 1.50PM
    Lunch, networking and time to visit exhibition
  • 1.50PM - 2.35PM
    4A. Gift Aid

    This session will go through the basics and explain how to make the most out of Gift Aid, the issues and hurdles that can arise, together with recent developments.

    Luke Savvas, partner, Buzzacott

  • 1.50PM - 2.35PM
    4B. HMRC – employer compliance enquiries
    We are starting to see an increase in HMRC activity, in part owing to the fact that following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, HMRC officers can once again visit employer premises. However, the government has announced the further investment of £160m to aide HMRC investigation and enquiries to help recover the underpayment of taxes owing to poor compliance but to try and recover excessive support provided through the Covid-19 support schemes. The presentation will help charities better understand the areas HMRC are actively review and the steps which should take, either as part of your internal risk reviews or when the notice of enquiry is received.

    Nick Bustin, director of employment tax, haysmacintyre
  • 1.50PM - 2.35PM
    4C. Pricing ESG-risk: How it works in practice
    Poor environmental, social, and governance (ESG) behaviours can destroy value. Like financial risk, ESG risk needs to be priced to sift through potential investments. ESG risks can include a number of factors including climate change, environmental management practices, employee welfare, respect for human rights, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. But what is material and what is not? Taking such issues into account is complex. Join us for a discussion on how this process works in practice.

    Tom Holbrook, investment director, Charities Team, Investec
  • 1.50PM - 2.35PM
    4D. Brave new world: financial resilience in challenging times

    This presentation will explore the ‘new normal’ and draw on CAF’s expertise, research, and work supporting charities and social enterprises across the UK.

    Alison Taylor, CEO of CAF Bank and charity services, Charities Aid Foundation

  • 2.35PM - 3.15PM
    5A. Top tips for VAT-efficient fundraising
    A practical VAT guide and “top tips” for making the most of fundraising opportunities now that we are coming out of the pandemic. This session will set out VAT efficient ways for approaching “in person” events and face-to-face participation arrangements; how to fully exploit commercial opportunities and highlight the ways in which charities can work with businesses in the most VAT and tax effective way for both sides; explain the rules around procuring charity advertising VAT free as far as possible, and how to use social media advertising in the most VAT efficient ways. It will also go through a few examples to highlight the key points and takeaways.

    Debbie Jennings, VAT director, Moore Kingston Smith
  • 2.35PM - 3.15PM
    5B. New income generation: tax Issues for charities and their subsidiaries
    As we emerge from the pandemic many charities will be looking to diversify their income streams. In this session we will consider the tax issues that arise including: Identifying non-primary purpose trading; use of trading subsidiaries; funding and gift aid issues for loss-making subsidiaries; and VAT impact of new income streams.

    Jon Sparkes, tax director and Alan Collins, VAT manager, Bishop Fleming 
  • 2.35PM - 3.15PM
    5C. Investing for the green revolution
    The green revolution represents a meteoric change in the way we live, consume, and the way in which companies operate. This global change has created new avenues for revenue and growth and an unprecedented investment opportunity. But how do charities position their investment portfolios to take advantage of this while managing their current requirements, particularly in times of uncertainty?

    Charlie Thomas, CIO, EdenTree
  • 2.35PM - 3.15PM
    5D. Mitigate risk and improve strategic decision-making
    This session will help you understand how an end-to-end CRM/ERP solution using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Business Central, along with the Power Platform, can be used to meet individual requirements within the different functions of an organisation, as well as be streamlined to make processes more efficient whilst providing full access to data analytics from any device at any time.

    Daniel Booth, lead pre-sales engagement consultant, m-hance
  • 3.15PM - 3.35PM
    Networking & refreshment break
  • 3.35PM - 4.25PM
    6A. HMRC panel

    Representatives from HMRC will present short updates and then answer your questions on a range of taxation topics including  VAT, employee tax and Gift Aid

    Andrew Edwards, deputy director, individuals policy directorate, Ben Williams, income tax senior policy advisor, income tax
    policy team, David Smith, senior policy advisor, VAT principles policy team and Tony Johnson, lead technical adviser, charity
    tax team

  • 3.35PM - 4.25PM
    6C. The next decade
    The 2020s have gotten off to a choppy start a global pandemic and a major war between Russia and Ukraine have caused significant disruption in the global economy and financial markets. Looking forward, it seems that we are now embarking on a period of increased uncertainty compared to the relatively benign period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. Policymakers and investors face a series of challenges that will need tackled, including energy security, ageing populations, a reconfiguration of global trade and commerce, and greater geopolitical risk. It promises to be a difficult market environment. This presentation, will attempt to shed some light on these themes, and provide some guiding principles for how investors might navigate them.

    Rob Clarry, investment strategist, Smith & Williamson
  • 3.35PM - 4.25PM
    6D. The future NFP finance team
    How do you link your team’s purpose to strategy and compliance? This session will explain how to design and implement your digital plan, while creating an environment that supports clarity, focus and flexibility.

    Darren Cran, chief operating officer, Accounts IQ
  • 4.25PM - 4.55PM
    Closing keynote: the importance of inclusion in the charity finance team

    This session will explore the benefits of charities becoming more inclusive organisations, and the particular role and relevance of inclusion within the finance function, including building stronger and more resilient teams, and driving innovation. It will also address the risks if teams are not inclusive, which include groupthink and limited perspectives, loss of credibility and reputation, and a failure to secure and retain the best talent.

    Sarah Atkinson, CEO, Social Mobility Foundation

  • 4.55PM - 5.00PM
    Chair's closing remarks
  • 5.00PM - 6.00PM
    Networking reception


Testimonials from our 2021 delegates...

For a charity finance person- regardless of level- this is a ‘must attend’ event
Judi Wright, Institute of Business Ethics

Very useful day and gave me some thoughts to take away to ensure we get it right at our charity
Andy Neeve, ADD International

A really good event with lots of technical content
Sharon Martin, Born Free Foundation

It was really good to attend a finance event aimed specifically at the charity sector, as all the other attendees were from the same sector, leading to interesting conversations and meaningful networking. It was a great opportunity to hear talks on current charity financial issues and speak to providers to the charity sector who were exhibiting there
Gina Tucker, Action4Youth

Very well organised event with relevant topics presented by engaging and knowledgeable individuals
Duncan Gill, Association for Project Management

As always there were interesting ideas and new ways of looking at issues
Tony Stevenson, Whitechapel Gallery

Fantastic event, very informative and excellent planning
Ngozi Omisakin, Jubilee Church

Fantastic event, with great insightful expert speaker. Very well organised
Clare Chrisp, P3

Very informative sessions. Presenters also very helpful in answering queries
Kay Volk, Thurrock, Community Leisure Limited

Exceptional conference, with great content and plenty of opportunities to network.
Jeremy Godfrey, Milton Keynes Parks Trust Ltd

It was good to be able to attend in person. The event went well and found the sessions worthwhile
Russell Malcolm, The Salvation Army

It was a great day and it was lovely to be able to attend in person again
Ingela Ekstrom, Support Through Court


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