Martin Farrell

Martin Farrell

Founder, get2thepoint

Some things have changed over the last 30 years since Martin Farrell volunteered to help a handcraft charity in South Africa and to do church based youth work in a rough estate in Manchester… and other things haven’t. Back then he wanted to make the world a better place. That youthful vision is still what drives him but now he’s got a wiser head on his shoulders. Working in and with lots of charities, large and small, through his consultancy get2thepoint, has provided rich and challenging experience of how life in organisations can be.

With a son studying artificial intelligence and a daughter about to start a degree in social anthropology, Martin and Korinna, his German wife, are on the edge of a new era of possibilities – jazz, psychotherapy, Buddhism, France, Vienna, travel. Whatever next? A biker since 17, Martin plans on taking the corners for another 30 years – at least. Time Banks are a way to link people locally to share their time and skills. Everyone’s time is equal: one hour of your time earns you one time credit to spend when you need a helping hand. As at November 2005, there are over 73 active time banks with 39 in development, involving over 5,000 participants across the UK who have traded nearly a quarter of a million hours hours.

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