Free legal resources worth £1m available to charities


Free legal resources worth £1m available to charities3

Governance | Emily Corfe | 16 Feb 2016

Small charities and social enterprises will be able to access £1m of free legal resources through an online service, law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite announced today.

The support, through its online tool, Get Legal, is available in partnership with infrastructure bodies NCVO and Social Enterprise UK.

Some 15,000 individuals and organisations will be able to use vouchers to download bespoke legal documents.

Thea Longley, a partner at BWB and member of its charity and social enterprise team, said the move was driven by a need to help charities facing increasing pressure to keep administration costs low.

“We know that many small charities cannot afford to take any legal advice at all,” she said. “Our message to charities and social enterprises is that Get Legal is part of our commitment to the sector and has been designed to help you access more straightforward legal documents at a much lower cost.

"We encourage organisations to embrace this new, digital tool to ensure you’re up to date with duties and regulatory requirements on a range of issues from employment to governance and beyond.”

Documents on the site will also be made available for charities to purchase at a price of one-tenth of the cost of commissioning a solicitor to draft, according to BWB.

The document-tailoring process is supplemented by detailed guidance and notes from BWB solicitors and will be kept up to date through regular reviews.

Gillen Knight, head of enterprise  and membership at NCVO, said: “We know from our members that many of them would feel more confident with the opportunity to check that their legal procedures are robust and up to date. We are really pleased to be able to provide access to Get Legal content, drafted by charity law experts at BWB.”

19 Feb 2016

I'm a little confused. Get Legal was a fantastic free resource developed with money and support from the Cabinet Office (Improving Support) and many others. You can view the original on the internet archive here:

This article implies that BWB are doing us a favour but actually nearly everything on the site is now charged for - almost nothing is free. It looks like free resources developed with public money are now being charged for by a large law firm. Please could we have the full story here?

Karen Collins
Bates Wells Braithwaite
22 Feb 2016
Response to [feduptrustee]

Hello – don’t worry, all of the free resources from the old Get Legal site are still available in their entirety in the Help for New Organisations section: They’re all still free to access, as is all of the guidance in the new Blogs and Knowledge section:

The paid-for items on the site are new legal document templates which can be tailored and customised to your charity’s specific needs through a guided, step-by-step process. These documents are optimally priced for charities and we hope they’ll help to reduce legal spend for users of the site.

Dr Marie Gerval
Co chair
The daisynetwork charity
17 Feb 2016

Thank you we have a great need for help with our constitution


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