St Mungo’s Broadway tops Stonewall’s list of gay-friendly charity employers

St Mungo’s Broadway tops Stonewall’s list of gay-friendly charity employers

St Mungo’s Broadway tops Stonewall’s list of gay-friendly charity employers

Governance | Alice Sharman | 14 Jan 2015

Five charities have appeared in Stonewall’s list of top 100 gay-friendly employers 2015, with St Mungo’s Broadway coming fifth in the overall list of organisations.

Last year’s list featured six charities, with Action for Children (51 in 2014), the Tate (79 in 2014) and Citizens Advice (96 in 2014) all missing out on a place in this year’s list.

Barnardo’s and Joseph Rowntree Foundation both made the list this year, appearing at numbers 30 and 88 respectively.

Victim Support was the second-highest charity in the index, coming in at 14th.

The Stonewall Top 100 Employers list, now in its eleventh year, showcases the best employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff by compiling submissions to the Workplace Equality Index.

Touchstone has climbed significantly up to number 19 on the list, having appeared last year at number 91. Its chief executive, Alison Lowe, has also been named the Stonewall Senior Champion.

Last year St Mungo’s, prior to its merger with Broadway in April 2014, climbed 14 places since 2013, ranking at number 11.

Janine La Rosa, who recently joined St Mungo’s Broadway as head of diversity and inclusion, said: “We are delighted at this recognition, which is testament to the achievements of many individuals across St Mungo's Broadway who work to ensure we offer an inclusive environment for not only our staff but also our clients.

St Mungo's Broadway believes we are stronger as an organisation and as a society if we celebrate diversity. Recognising the backgrounds, experiences, strengths and support needs of our staff and clients is integral to us delivering the very best services."

2015 Ranking



 St Mungo's Broadway


 Victim Support






 Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Crime prevention charity Nacro, which was the top-ranking charity in the annual list for five years up to 2010, and was even number one in the whole index in 2008, is missing from the top 100 for the second year in a row.

Ruth Hunt, chief executive at Stonewall, said: “A massive congratulations to all those who took part in the Index this year and well done to those who secured a place in the Stonewall Top 100 employers list and the Star Performers group. We’re proud to work with all of you. If your organisation isn’t featured here, it may be time to ask why.”

Stonewall rated Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust as the best organisation overall.


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