Government launches £2m Olympic volunteering legacy charity

Government launches £2m Olympic volunteering legacy charity

Government launches £2m Olympic volunteering legacy charity 5

Governance | Vibeka Mair | 13 Aug 2012

A new £2m government-backed Olympic volunteering legacy charity, has been set up by David Cameron, with volunteering leaders Lucy de Groot, and Justin Davis Smith as trustees.

The chief executives of CSV and Volunteering England, respectively, will help lead the Join In Trust - set up to promote volunteering in local community organisations. Its first project, Join In Local Sport, has been heavily promoted today on an official Olympic email to millions of people.

Join In Local Sport's first campaign is to get as many people as possible to turn up, take part and join in at their local sports facilities this weekend.

Its website includes online listings of local sporting events around the country and allows members of the public to search for events via postcodes, and groups to add events via an online form.

As part of the weekend, sporting icons Daley Thompson, Sharron Davies and Jonathan Edwards, broadcaster John Inverdale, and current Olympians will visit a wide range of these sports clubs.

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, said:

"We need to make the most of this magic moment and harness the enthusiasm for sport and for volunteering the Games has generated. That's why the 'Join In Local Sport' project is so important, so that we bring London 2012 back to the place it begins for every great champion: their local sports club and the great volunteers who make it all possible."

The Join In Trust board is made of eight trustees and is chaired by Sir Charles Allen CBE. The chief executive is Ian Nunn, prior to this he was a consultant to LOCOG and the chief financial officer of Eurostar.

The organisation is led by mix of people from sporting, business and volunteering backgrounds and has been funded with a £2m grant from the Cabinet Office's Social Action Fund.  

Andrew Pring
13 Aug 2012

So Cameron wants a 'Big Society', then rifles the Lottery Fund of a couple of billion or so of funds that should have gone to community groups and voluntary organisations - real 'Good Causes' - to pay for the Olympics. When there is an underspend he gives those billions back to the Treasury instead of replenishing the 'Good Causes' he robbed.
Now he announces a poxy £2m for a Olympics legacy fund. What a joke!
When will Lottery Funding cease to be a Government taxation on the poor and become the truly independent source of funding he promised?

Carl Allen
13 Aug 2012

We shall continue to reap the legacy of what we failed to accomplish in the period of the last government under favourable conditions i.e. the present government deals with us according to our past behaviour.

Gethyn Williams
Director of Workforce Development
13 Aug 2012

Have to agree with Rob. Whilst I'm sure VE and CSV will do everything in their power to direct these resources sensibly, there are so many good existing schemes in which the government could have chosen to invest before reinventing the wheel.

Also, with many paid roles being lost in the voluntary sector the nature of volunteering is changing. More skilled, hands-on roles for volunteers will be developed as voluntary groups seek to maintain their services in the face of funding shortages. So we shouldn't be afraid to start talking about really meaty volunteering roles for those that want them, alongside more traditional, participatory forms of volunteering.

And more involved roles don't have to be exploitative just because they're not paid - groups can advertise for volunteers with a commitment to a particular training and development offer in exchange.

Rob Jackson
Rob Jackson Consulting Ltd
13 Aug 2012


In opposition the Tories promised no new national initiatives duplicating existing activity. Now we have this, a new national initiative doing pretty much the same work as Volunteer Centres and Do-It. Oh an via another website - at what point do we have so many websites f that it becomes more confusing for people to find about volunteering than easier?

What is needed is proper resourcing to help organisations - many of whom have cut volunteer engagement budgets and volunteer management posts in the last few years - offer a great volunteering experience. What we don't need is sadly what we appear to have got.

13 Aug 2012
Response to [Rob Jackson]

I completely agree with you Rob. This is exciting in one way (£2 million for volunteering - what's not to like!?) but depressing that they are spending on a NEW initiative when there is an infrastructure there with experienced and passionate workers whowould do a brilliant job. Great to see that CSV and VE are involved though... at least they got that right and didn't find a load of people who have had nothing to do with volunteering before.


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