Society Diary: A motorcycle gathering for Easter and a generous tech giant

12 Apr 2019 Voices

Good afternoon, dear readers, on what is now the second Not Brexit Day on which Society Diary has had the pleasure to address you.

For those disappointed Brexit fans among you, Diary recommends basking in Nigel Farage’s Twitter page. The man of the people officially launched his new The Brexit Party this week complete with a logo that looks like that of a travel insurance company (ironically) and photos of Nige looking jolly with some pints, dogs and young people.

With those positive images in mind, let’s take a brief look at this week’s charity highlights.

No bikes this Easter

Like most people, when Diary thinks of Easter, it thinks of motorbikes. For this reason, it was particularly disappointed to learn that the 11th annual Squires Egg Run on Sunday had been rescheduled due to safety concerns.

The event, which raises money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, involves around 1,000 motorcyclists riding from Squires Cafe in Sherburn-in-Elmet and was due to finish in Easingwold, between Thirsk and York. However, local councillors expressed concerns over terror attacks and unauthorised drones, meaning the route will now not finish in Easingwold.

While Diary appreciates the importance of safety, it is a sign the terrorists truly have won when such an integral part of British culture as a motorcycle-themed Easter event is disrupted. However, Diary believes the new circular, or perhaps “egg-shaped”, route both starting and ending at the Squires café may be for the best as it could add an extra level of Easterness to the event.

Good friends to have

Diary was excited to hear this week that the CEO of a tech company it has never heard of plans to donate an amount of money it cannot comprehend to charity.

Lei Jun, founder of Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, has generously pledged to donate the £735m bonus that he received for eight years of “devotion” to the company. The 49-year-old has been compared to Steve Jobs as his company, founded in 2010, has outstripped Apple’s iPhone in sales in his home country.

If, like Diary, you have little to no understanding of emerging technology trends, it might be worth hedging your bets by cosying up to anybody you know who is “working on an app” just incase they turn into the new Lei Jun, or the new new Steve Jobs.

A rare gift

Finally, Diary would like to thank GoFundMe’s press team for the delicious kebab it sent over last Friday.

While the kebab took a week longer than expected to be delivered, it tasted as fresh as a daisy when Diary and its team tucked in.

Although, to be fair, with the hangover Diary was carrying last Friday it probably would have chowed down on the kebab even if it was stone cold and stale.


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